Monday, August 30, 2010

Merdeka's Eve!

At the strike of 12 tonight marks my 20 years of being alive, breathing air that is not that fresh, seeing things that are not very pleasant to my eyes and hearing things that I cannot agree at all. Despite all the things that does not go well with my senses, I'm grateful that I lived 20 years of life peacefully, at least I don't have curfew, I don't need to pack and run from countries to countries, I don't have to be called Chingz and much much more things that I'm grateful of... just that I can't think of it now =)

How will I be celebrating eve tonight?
It might just be the uncoolest unhip-est boring-ess celebration ever, but meeting up with high school mates are ze awesomest! Because they will start digging up funny old incidents that this absent mind of mine can never remember and I wonder how can they remember things that are like what(?) 3 - 4 years ago?


I just got ready and thought of doing this post. Yes yes, my face are all puffy and my eyes are swollen. Hey! Don't judge me cause I woke up at 5.30 am this morning and started work at 7 am till like what(?) noon.. And the weather is just pure serial killer lol!

As much as I want to spend my eve with Samuel, I just can't. Distance is what I have everything against with and also my lack of ability to drive and my lack of "no car-ness". Even now, going out to yumcha, I need to like wait for my friends to come and get me.
Princess much? I like! LOL!!

Oh!! they are here!! Byee!


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