Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ocean Potion Presents: "Fair Game" Movie Screening


Ocean Potion is a range of sun screen products which just spells the word, 'AWESOME'! I have been using sun screen all my entire life and I can say that I've tried, not all, but almost all the sun screen that the market can offer me.

Some are pretty disappointing, some aren't really "good friend" with my sensitive skin, some are just too oily to my liking and some are just plain disappointing. I used to be very active in sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and also futsal, all this requires me to be under the sun the whole entire time! And I've been using all the disappointing sun screen, and it took effect on my supposedly-fair-skin.
Till I've found Ocean Potion. =)

My bare skin >.< and I'm showing it to the world! *dais*

And this is the one that I'm using and loving! *hearts hearts*

And what do you know! Ocean Potion also has a movie screening by Adverlets called "Fair Game"(the title sound pun intended lol)


Yup, there’s a movie screening this coming Monday and its non other than ‘Fair Game’! Thanks to sponsor Ocean Potion, not only will you get movie tickets, you will also stand a chance to win some of their great sunblock & tanning products plus a gym sized towel! Details below:
Blog contest for Ocean Potion
- Blog about your sunblock experience, and why you’ll like to win Ocean Potion products – and get a pair of tickets to watch ‘Fair Game’ & stand a chance to win Ocean Potion product hampers!
- Be a fan of the Ocean Potion Facebook Page
- Send your posts to
- Win movie tickets to watch Fair Game together with other bloggers!
- Ocean Potion products for best write-up (1st, 2nd & 3rd prize)
- You can also bring your existing sunblock on movie night to exchange for Ocean Potion products at discounted prices.
Now that you've know the secret to my almost flawless skin :)

Now, would you just hand me all those sunblock products?! ;P
For more info, log on to


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