Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Takes Pride Being A Mixed

My title actually says all that I want to blog about and it's not that I want to flame anyone or in this case, mixed parentage people but some people really do offence me much by them thinking that I should remember that they are mixed and worst is, they expect me to remember their 'mixture'.

Chinese with Indians, Indians with Malays, Malays with Thais, Indonesians with Chinese, Chinese with Angmoh, Sinhalese with Malays, etc etc etc plus with all those that you all can think of. This is what happen nowadays... Chinese just don't fancy being with a Chinese anymore, Malays don't go with Malays and Indians don't go with Indians... Matter of fact, it seems like no one is being together with the same race anymore! For God's sake, trend ah??

I, beg to be different. I love being with my own people. In my case, Chinese people. Some people might not know this, but I'm mixed myself. To cut the story short/lazy to explain, I'm a Chinese and  a Malaysian. Not proud with both but saves up my time trying to explain. So Chinese I shall be! *smiles*
Some of my friends thinks that it is nice and very 'knowledgeable' if they were to be with another race besides their own, with multiple reasons to add and add on to it. They say that they can learn more and know more about the other race's cultures, understandings, religion, beliefs(its is fun to know of other's beliefs,no doubt*winks*)etc etc.

But why would you all want to waste your time to go learn n know about the another race? Why would you want to risk yourself ending up hating the differ race if something that they believe in contradicts with your own race's beliefs? Why would you all want to change to a different race when you're born as a Chinese(example)and then you would have to live your life according to the another race's cultures, it feels like you're going back to zero where you were actually at the 100th place.?
I think this way and I did not say that every one should think the same way as I do.

Another very frequent reason that I get from my friends who hated to be with their race and would very much prefer to be with a different race is because they wanted pretty babies. What the fuck. So, you're saying that Chinese aren't pretty??? Malays aren't pretty??? Indians aren't pretty??? Well, go to hell. Who are you to judge anyways? And it isn't every mixed parentage's children are pretty when they grow up. It's not a fact stated on Wikipedia(not that it's very reliable)but it's definitely a mindset that is sickening to me. No doubt that quite a number of mixed parentage people are pretty but that's probably like luck-based(?)wtf I don't know, I'm just saying because there aren't proof to sustain what I'm preaching and definitely there is nothing you can use as a fact to fire back at me. CONFIRM.

Let's say that there are 100 babies to 'see the world' today and God feel like blessing only 10 parents of different race with pretty babies. Then the rest of the 90 'out-coming' babies how?? Fugly lor~ FYL lor~ So stop saying that 'I want pretty babies so I want to be with an angmo(assuming that I'm not an angmoh)because if I were to be with my own race, my baby sure not pretty one!". Once again, you're no one... NO ONE to criticize which race is uglier and which is prettier wtf.

Let's go to the reason why this post is here. 
All thanks to a old church friend of mine. Recently she found me on Facebook and I was so delighted to have her 'found' me. She's a bit 'i don't know how to say' like slow for her age, that kind of a kid but she has the heart of gold. Probably lack of self esteem but heck, Ive got that too.
Anyways, we're chatting on Facebook one day and she asked me whether I like her display picture or no. She actually profiled pictured a taken at 45 degree angle kinda picture of herself, resulting very huge kawaii self. And so I thought that that was pretty weird and not wanting to hurt her feelings, I replied "Yeap". 

Thinking that she would talk about a different thing, preferably filling me with what she is up to now, but no, she reasked the same question but in a different manner.This time around, it went "Do I look pretty? My display picture." And no, she's no lesbo, though I felt a sudden lesbo vibe from her wtf, but she isn't. CONFIRM. So I replied, "ohh, you use contact lenses too??" because that is what she actually wanted me to praise her on wtf.
Hello... I've had contact lenses in my eyes ever since I knew that there is such a thing and she made me sound like I've never heard/know what is a contact lens?! Well, that kinda pissed me off. But I forgive her because she's really a bit the retarded kind.

She then ignored me for 5 minutes or so, claiming that she needs to reply tweets with Pitbull. What the fuck -.-... She thinks I'm retarded is it?? Then she continued by asking me whether do I remember what race she is. She is not pretty and has dark skin but has nice features, so I answered "Indian? Mamak?" and she went on a tornado fury!! Crazy woman! I even got claimed to be heartless for a moment there, wtf? :(
Then she told me like 5 times of what mixed parentage is she and she keep saying that she is mixed mixed mixed... Okay okay I got it!

Being a mixed isn't every thing, really.
So Chinese please start dating back Chinese, Malays with Malays, Indians with Indians and all the same races together. I really think that we should be very sure of our own roots, then only meddle with other people's cultures. Pretty people aren't always due to mixed parentage and isn't it a bit annoying this days? That we actually can't differentiate a French guy and a Singh. Agreed much?


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