Monday, December 6, 2010

One More Month From Now

Weddings are always awesome and that is when we realized that we actually has a lot of cousins and relatives that we have not met before but secretly they know who we were. I'm sure that everyone has at least one relatives that you don't know that you're related to. And this happens to me ALL THE TIME and technically I find it fun and not fun.
My mother for one isn't those that thinks that relatives are all that matters and she isn't the one that would go organize a day out just for the relatives to get together and just to have fun. I know quite a number of family members does that and I really want to have a family that I can call my own and have fun weekends together every week, not only to meet up when there's death or Chine New Year or weddings or welcoming-newborn-party... Those comes and gather for a reason, I want to gather just because we really love each other.

Not that I'm saying that my mother doesn't love her brothers and sisters. It's just that she isn't the socialite.

This then draws us 'Low' family far away from each other. Yes yes I am not a 'Low' but I don't think I want to be in the name of 'Poh' due to many reasons. Being a 'Low' is who I am and I'm happy about it. But we aren't like really close to each other mainly because we walk our lives differently, when my family is free then the others will not and vice versa. It's just hard to have picnic or gatherings together every weekend like how I wished it would be.
One month from now would be my eldest cousin sister from my Uncle(mother's brother)wedding day and hell, I'm damn excited for it! Someone whom I've played together with since I was born, I even had a picture of her sitting beside my baby rocker(where I was lying there)and she was smiling so happily, looking at me. I was really fat and chubby that time, so fat that the Doctor had to ask my mum to put me on a diet at the age of 1 year old wtf, FML.
*side track a bit*
"Why is being fat when we're kids are considered as cute and all the attention goes to fat kids and all the skinny kids will be the ugly one because they are not cute like that. Then when all of us has grown up, being fat is like the biggest sin in the world and there are people that actually despise those that are obese and go all gaga with the thin/skinny bitches. Can anyone tell me how unfair life is? If this isn't the best example already pfft"

Back to the topic... My JinLing JieJie is gonna get married!!
Me and my cousin, Jin An would be there super early because I wanna be the kepochichimui for the wedding and then will help to prepare and all... I'm also needed to pour them happy couples a cup of tea each, the Chinese's tradition and I will get an angpau!
How awesome, serve em' tea that's probably not nice and they only drink one sip, and then you get money! So please do invite me to ALL the upcoming weddings and I don't mind serving tea to them wtf... (was just being sarcastic to Chinese custom because they work damn hard for it but spend em' like water during weddings and deaths wtf)

This is totally a random post but I really am looking forward to the big day*squeals*and hopefully by that time I'll get my s95 already because I would love to take awesome pictures and keep it as memory for life. I would so wanna show em' to my own children the next time of what happened in their mummy's life because I think every young generation should be back on their roots. As for mine, I'm proud to be a Chinese.


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