Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Year Has Gone By

Well well, what do you know... 2010 is gonna come to an end very very soon and this is the time of the month that I've been looking forward to every single year. Yeaps, Christmas!! *smiles* This is also the first ever year that I've got myself a Christmas present.

Meet Minnie and Mickey!

Mickey: Uhh... Hii? I want nuts.
Minnie: Stop leaning on me you bozo

Yeaps, finally gotten myself my very own Mickey and Minnie Mouse lol!

Minnie sniffing around town wtf

Mickey looking fat with all the food he stuffed inside his cheeks :)

And Christmas came early to me and my secret Santa is no one other than my own boyfriend, Samuel. He got me a Mickey mouse too! :P

And this boom boom pows my ears and head off ;)

Above all that, I have been busy working and balancing my work and social life that I've neglected blogging. Been eating a lot of microwaved food as well and man, I miss home cooked!

This does look awesome, it even smells awesome once I took it out from it's protective cling wrap. 
As soon as I warmed it up and took a bite, I threw it away and went hungry for the afternoon wtf wtf.

Cheap things are love!

And I rock your world,socks,whatever that revolves around you... with my awesome pink lens! *winks*


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