Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Melaka & Port Dickson Trip 2

As promised, this would be the continuation of my Melaka and Port Dickson trip that happened 3 weeks ago. By the way, I am heading to Melaka again this coming weekend and my most look forward to is the Jonker Street and the Pork Satay! I am 20 years old and I have never been to Jonker Street, you say sad or not my life?! LOL

So, on the second day of our trip, we headed down to Port Dickson from Melaka after our Pork Satay. And what seemed like a 2 hours drive plus the time we spent on deciding which apartment to rent, the four of us were literally sweating in our pants and stuck to our skin wtf. Finally done unpacking our things, we changed and we head down for a SWIM! Whee~

Us in the pool!
It's 3 feet and 5 feet in the middle FML max~
So we swam and play in the middle which is 5 feet.

Polluted the pool with our sweaty skin for almost 3 hours~ I am contented and the guys are way more than that LOL

They made the showering place so sexy wtf.
On the left side, there are chefs cooking for the residents there =.= LOL~

It was around 7.30p.m when we finally got ready and headed out to the nearest restaurant to have Chinese meal. I got pictures but lazy to post all out so I am gonna post some which are really nice and we ordered like 5 or 6 dishes and the bill was around RM60+ only =D

Two prawns here milik Samuel ad Mervyn cause it was ridiculously RM12 PER crab the size of MY palm... Not EVERYONE's palm, its MY palm only. You can take a look at MY palm when you all meet me in person wtf. xp

This Peeing Prawn(wtf)I don't know the name in English, is the awesome!
I was nomming it and asked "Eh Mervyn, where is the prawn?"
"There!! You're eating it!!"

Guinness Chicken! Muthafuckin finger licking GOOD!
End of story. This puts KFC's old man go crying back to his Momma! xD

Then we headed off to a 5 star hotel(to me it is cause its damn nice)'s pub and we had our free drinks. Samuel and I went and walked on the beach at night! Awwww~ We kissed under the star! DOUBLE Awwwwww~~ =p
We had sex on the beach!

THIS "Sex On The Beach" drink la! What were you all thinking! =D

Student + Enjoying = VACATION!! =))

We totally sat on the comfy chair for an hour or two, sipping our drinks and enjoying to the music sang by 3 Phillipino ladies and 1 Phillipino guy. The entertainers of the night and for a second, how nice would it be if we were to enjoy life like this everyday and no need to study and work and they stress will not exist.
Back to reality after an hour wtf.

And as I qoute Samuel, "We are on a happy joyful trip so we are gonna have a tutti fruity wine instead of Gold Label" LMAO!!

Samuel is always generous with his wine and he never not bring a bottle on every trip/vacation that he goes to! Seriously~

My joyful bubbly Undurraga wine LOL~

Woke early the next morning because I wanted to go to the beach!! We did not go on the first day and it made me emo a bit seriously =(


Happy KIDS on the beach!! Wheeeee~

The view on the sea from our apartment is breath taking, for me la cause I jakun. I grew up in KL where high rise buildings are everywhere and I seldom go beaches for vacation. Thus the jakun-ness wtf!

Sperms swimming to ovum ar!
Retarded things that they will do =)

Whee this ends my post for the trips that I went. It's not the place that matters but its with whom I went with, and that matters =)

Thanks Bie! Love you kaw kaw =D

Pictures credits Samuel.


Samantha Kong said...

OMG... I want to go to Malacca!!! So long didn't went back there already. T_T

Victoria said...

Lol! this sem break alone, I went there twice FML max! We went there eat eat eat arrgghhh!

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