Friday, May 28, 2010

You Know The Other Day

So the other day, perhaps like any other day and like any other person would do, I got back from an outing and the very first thing that I would do when I reached home is to check my mails. My Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and messages that people sent me on Facebook.

I have this funny and weird habit, I like receiving mails and makes me feel all important that some one needs some private and important talk/info to tell me and so they send me mails instead of MSN or scribbles on my Facebook wall. I'd check my Hotmail and Yahoo! every 5 minutes!

So the other day, I got back home late enough to call morning and was chatting with Boyfy, while checking my mail. I got no Hotmail, no Yahoo!, no Gmail but I got a message in Facebook. Thrilled and I was expecting business or old friend.

The first thing I noticed after clicking the message box, is the Blue Default man in Facebook. I'd never approve people without a face, you know what I meant. And I thought someone, probably my brother used my laptop and approved everyone wtf.
His name was Fredrick Steven.
Before reading the message, I tried recalling friends who might named themselves that and I recalled none. And this was he message that I had received...

"Just got introduced to this site by an ex- colleague who found his soulmate here.Was informed that good and nice people abound here and i decided to give it a shot! One thing for sure is that i am not here for games.I stumbled on your name and decided to initiate contact.

I am a doctor,and i love reading,swimming,skiing and taking long walks in my spare time....

If you are keen,do get back to me.


Then I copy pasted the whole thing and showed my Boyfy and he laughed and said "You attract weird people"
And it is true!!

Just the other day, I finally got my lazy ass to do some shopping at Kuala Lumpur and stopped my MacD to grab my lunch. So, while I was nomming away happily, little did I realized that someone from the opposite table has been snickering away, laughing out loudly and doing all silly hand signalling thing just to get my attention.
A whole 5 minutes and yes Madam, you got my attention there.

Then only I realized that those two were young age lesbians, trying to woo me I dare say. Great! I attract women more than men. FML.
So I texted Boyfy while standing at the counter asking for a paper bag to put all my food in so that I can walk and eat.
And he said "LOL!! You attract weird people!"

I know dude, I attract weird people and so I assumed that you're weird too,huh Bie?


Ken Wooi said...

lol.. attracting weird people is scary =P

FiSh said...

wow perhaps ur picha is too unique and attracted them? xD

Victoria said...

Kenwooi:: It is scary when I am alone and all
Fish:: How can a picture of me be unique?LOL im a normal gal

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