Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

A day to self prepare to be all jolly molly, eat loads of turkey, drinks loads of sparkling wine, stuff your face with more turkeys/gingerbread man/candies etc etc till you lai si (stomach ache) wtf. This is also the best 2 days of my entire year (Seriously) the days that I've been waiting and anticipating.
Woke up in the morning and seeing all those morning wishes and Merry Christmas Eve's wishes really makes me all happy and woozy and warm inside :) Being a avid social net user, be it through Facebook or Twitter or Blog, all those wishes that I've read through my BlackBerry while I'm on my way to work makes me feel like we're all celebrating Christmas together!

To have moved out due to work this year, I will be celebrating Eve differently from how I used to, getting prepared at home with mom and brother and will drive to our cell group, have turkey and fellowship together till the dawn. This year's will be loads of celebration with friends and of course my 2nd time celebration with my Dumbs :)
And it's really sad to see news/tweets regarding religious practioners to go oppose anything that is western and applies it to be able to make Muslims waver in their religious views(?) what ever happened to One Malaysia? Unity? Every one under one same roof? The free spirit to worship who ever we want? All gone I see.
Anyways, wishing all my readers(if there are any wtf)a very Merry Christmas! Eat, be fat and jolly! *hugs all*

Merry Christmas, people! :)


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