Friday, December 17, 2010

My Love For Retrievers

Running down the stairs every morning after a 5 minute or so of snoozing after my mum's yelling to wake me up, I would rush to the kitchen and grab some anchovies and prepared milk...there I go, heading to the back of my house to feed all those stray cats. That was me, when I was in primary.
My love for animals is endless! For doing the above, I've received a lot of canning, scolding and even got locked outside of the house because I was feeding stray cats without my mum's knowing resulting loads of returning cats at the back of my Cheras house.

Yes, I am that weird. But I just love animals! And I can't understand why would some people give up their 'buddies' after being with em' for so long?! Don't you tell me that there is no feelings attached? If there isn't, then you're so inhumane.

Cats aren't my favorite-est among the lot but because I've stayed in a Malay area for the rest of my life, the closest animal that I can get my hands on are cats. So feed cats lo wtf. But what I really love are Golden Retrievers!! *hearts hearts*
Everyone say "Awwwwww~"
How can you not love something so cute and dumb looking as that!!

The Golden Retriever is a happy-go-lucky clown. He's reliable, trustworthy, calm, friendly, gentle and confident. He's very eager to please you. He isn't a one-man dog because he loves everybody. He's friendly with all dogs and strangers. He's highly intelligent and trainable. He's very active and energetic. He loves to romp, run and play outdoors and he loves to swim. He's gentle and patient with kids, even bratty ones! He loves to play games and have fun. He's athletic, agile and fast on his feet.
adapted from 

At the place where I stay now, and as I walk the dog, I will pass by this blue gate door and there will always be a full grown retriever sitting at the porch.. all tied up. I feel sorry for the fella as I feel that this dogs really love big space, walks, running around with their tongue hanging out, caring owners etc and not all tied up and looking out the door when passer by walks by with their dogs. I swear I can almost hear the dog that I walk mocking him, somewhat like 'haha, I've got someone to walk me but you don't' wtf. #cryptic

I'm sure Gucci will love this. Yes, that is the name of the sad forlorn, even the name sounds stupid for a dog, I bet Gucci goes 'wtf' every time we call it.

The Golden Retriever is the most intelligent and easiest to train of all dog breeds! He learns new commands quicker than any other breed, which makes him very easy to train.
adapted from 
And they actually looked dumb... but they are not!!

Too dumb looking too cute too cute too dumb looking!!!
I saw one huge one yesterday at PJ! And the fella actually eats bread all the way when the maids walked him? Lol? Eat and shit all the way ah? Lol!! And the owners were so friendly as me and my babe, eventually stopped our car by the side ala robbers wtf and i think we kinda scared the ladies, double wtf... and went 'aahhhh ooohhhh shoooooo cuteeeeee!'... WTF! I think I can only do this with my gila babi babe, Samantha Kalaichelvan.

The dog din't even paid any attention to us n kept looking at his bread. Triple the wtf.

Anyway, moving on... I love Golden Retrievers laa!!
But owning a Retriever means giving up your house being clean as this fellas really do shed a lot! They can be fucking cute and small and cuddly but they too can grow up being a giant -.- So I don't think that I will be owning any till my future husband lands us on a double football field size land, with our house in the center and a muthafucking big space for em' to run around. I want 2 retrievers then lol wtf...


That's it. I want this!

Dear Santa, can you drop me a Retriever up from the sky and touch my mom's heart to let us keep him. I  prefer a him. Thank you and amen *angelic eyes*
WTF. Sekian.


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