Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sushi Zanmai and Gulliver's Travels

Slept in on a Sunday morning and an impromptu plan was suggested that me, Samuel and our friend to go chill out together before heading to another friend's house for Christmas party open house :) So I woke up feeling a lil' excited that we're not gonna stay in the whole day playing Facebook and Twitter, I camwhore a lil' too much :P It has been so long since I've got the mojo to do so... I think I'm getting old and boring wtf.

obligatory sial, this picture :P

Took like 5 minutes to get ready and yes, we're that Chinese cause we don't bathe in the morning because we think that we smell awesome when we wake up. Technically we did smell kinda awesome cause we bathe like 3 a.m in the morning the day before then we slept like pigs the next day :P

And we're out!
We went Sunway Pyramid.

Should have guessed it, as we turned into the parking lot, Samuel and I sang 'Jingle Bells' wtf to thank God of our 'fortune' wtf hahaha!

Wow! This is why I 'love' Malaysia. Every one got no where to go but to shopping malls and then not contributing to the economy, unlike me who'd probably contribute like 80% of the economy's saving, avoiding it to become inflasi sifar wtf. #justsaying

And then, he got frustrated with the jam,


And I was so happy that I took more pictures, a.k.a the ones below :P :)

:D I love my nail colors!

LOL! Emo sudah :P

While I was still shiok sendiri-ing, I turned and I saw this fella wanting to be a part of my rendezvous too! Lol..


After what seemed like a 15 minutes of turning here and there, searching high and low for a parking, Samuel settled down with an illegal one (wtf) hahaha! and here comes Zanmai! *om noms noms*


Yay to Chung who suggested Zanmai! Ini kawan, saya *heart* heheehe

Okay... I ordered like damn a lot and then I can't finish em' all wtf. This always happens to me whenever I get sushi meals *shys* 

My Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken :)

Chung's Curry Katsu Rice 


Yummy platters!!! Ahh... I feel like eating sushi again now!

Of all the many many pictures I took that day, this is the best of em' all :P

He finally got his right bowl of LARGE Udon :) Thus the happiness face wtfwtf.

Gulliver's Travels is kinda funny, I think but I wouldn't woo anyone to go watch it. You can buy a DVD if you really want to know what is the story about. The princess is kinda dumb though, the princess from Liliput wtf technically everyone there is weird lol! "Do not kidnap me... ahhh I'm kidnapped, save me!" wtf when all she did was ran out of her room and stand there telling the other not to kidnap her and sigh when she got kidnapped haha wtf I feel like slapping her :P

Thing is, Gulliver's Travels is a no need to watch la... Boils your blood a bit to spend RM14 for a movie that it kinda midfucking but stupid at the same time :)

MIST Worthy

To show you all how a clubber I am who enjoys dancing more than drinking,

I'm so MIST worthy now.

That my mom found this picture on their MSN's "Going Out" section, http://msn.goingout.com.my/lollipop-party-mist/lollipop-party-mist-9/
Hmm... Maybe it's not such a good idea after all to offer random photogs to take our pictures when they asked. This isn't scandalous, I think I had one which I was grinding girls, at MIST as well. wtf. Please don't be on MSN. Amen.
Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

A day to self prepare to be all jolly molly, eat loads of turkey, drinks loads of sparkling wine, stuff your face with more turkeys/gingerbread man/candies etc etc till you lai si (stomach ache) wtf. This is also the best 2 days of my entire year (Seriously) the days that I've been waiting and anticipating.
Woke up in the morning and seeing all those morning wishes and Merry Christmas Eve's wishes really makes me all happy and woozy and warm inside :) Being a avid social net user, be it through Facebook or Twitter or Blog, all those wishes that I've read through my BlackBerry while I'm on my way to work makes me feel like we're all celebrating Christmas together!

To have moved out due to work this year, I will be celebrating Eve differently from how I used to, getting prepared at home with mom and brother and will drive to our cell group, have turkey and fellowship together till the dawn. This year's will be loads of celebration with friends and of course my 2nd time celebration with my Dumbs :)
And it's really sad to see news/tweets regarding religious practioners to go oppose anything that is western and applies it to be able to make Muslims waver in their religious views(?) what ever happened to One Malaysia? Unity? Every one under one same roof? The free spirit to worship who ever we want? All gone I see.
Anyways, wishing all my readers(if there are any wtf)a very Merry Christmas! Eat, be fat and jolly! *hugs all*

Merry Christmas, people! :)
Thursday, December 23, 2010

Puma: Happy Hunting

Puma, just as famous as Nike or Adidas is in Malaysia, has had their Happy Hunting Party few weeks ago and I was brought along by Samuel who was invited by Jaclyn :) And being an ex-athlete, you will never understand how happy I was to see Puma shoes hanging on the ceiling, I felt like I kena teased wtf.

You get what I meant now?
We were all greeted with shoes hanging on the ceiling when we stepped into Ecoba for the event.

And if you're daring enough, you can actually steal a pair back because they've hanged a pair of each design on the ceiling, trick is... the pairs are all scattered everywhere. You would need to sit down there for a while to do your 'pick' and then steal wtf. I was tempted to.

We were there quite early but not early. It was so jam the other day that I did not even go back home to change and went to the event straight after working hours, and it jammed like hell. But we were still early :)

My awesome date *hearts*


A lot and a lot of shoes!!

As I've said, I was there after my working hours and I've hadn't had any dinner and I skipped lunch that day too. So. Samuel and I shared an awesome pizza at Ecoba... Food there are superb, really.


Friends, bloggers, actors, actresses, models all started pouring in and everyone had their beers early. Being a VIP(all thanks to Jaclyn for the tics), we had free flow the entire night! :) though yours truly aren't fond of beers nor liquor anymore, so I had coke the whole night and got teased for not drinking :(

While waiting for the performance.

We've also waited for quite some time for the event to begin... But it was all worth the wait because the first ups were Dennis Lau and his awesome skills with his violin, followed is Shawn Lee BeatBox and there was this awesome duet of violin and throat(?)

The small guy with loud voice and the sexiest violinist.
I actually scoffed when Rina introduced Dennis like that because they have not hear Samuel play! I no kid! Samuel can play just as good, as pronto, as random, as techno, etc on violin! :D

Then there was this man with wolf mask walking all around the place with a paintball gun. And I've had the wildest guess ever :P I thought that they will fill those guns up with paint balls and shoot randomly and who ever gets the 'blast' will win a pair of shoe(?) #justsaying #dreamoftheday wtf.

All I got was a picture taken with the wolf man and my bitch, Ceddy.
It was actually the theme of the catwalk later on, which I think that that is super creative and I think I will start to like Puma due to that lol!

The catwalk was a very different experience that I've had because it's not the traditional, 'walk as poise as possible, no head bobbing and please do swing thy ass'. Nope, its more to casual, fun and to run away from the wolf man with the awesome Puma shoes on, adorning their clothes with their flexibility to move around. Brilliant right? to have thought of it so thoroughly just to show what they wanna let their customers know :)

The two guys on the far end and far left, are 'monkeys' which I think that they'd perfectly showed how easily you can move around and about when you're wearing em' Pumas because they did flips and climbs and all those shitzo at the Puma stage.


You see! This is what I meant

Commercial break :P

And I've got a picture taken with the petite but with loud voice, Rina Omar!

The MC for the night, whom is really friendly too :D *LIKE*

The event ended with Dj mixing to the most hip clubbing songs and we went to Al-Safa for my shisha fix after everything that has ended :)

 I would be doing my Happy Hunting for the perfect Puma shoe and bag soon, because I've got RM60 voucher from Puma! *RWAR*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Year Has Gone By

Well well, what do you know... 2010 is gonna come to an end very very soon and this is the time of the month that I've been looking forward to every single year. Yeaps, Christmas!! *smiles* This is also the first ever year that I've got myself a Christmas present.

Meet Minnie and Mickey!

Mickey: Uhh... Hii? I want nuts.
Minnie: Stop leaning on me you bozo

Yeaps, finally gotten myself my very own Mickey and Minnie Mouse lol!

Minnie sniffing around town wtf

Mickey looking fat with all the food he stuffed inside his cheeks :)

And Christmas came early to me and my secret Santa is no one other than my own boyfriend, Samuel. He got me a Mickey mouse too! :P

And this boom boom pows my ears and head off ;)

Above all that, I have been busy working and balancing my work and social life that I've neglected blogging. Been eating a lot of microwaved food as well and man, I miss home cooked!

This does look awesome, it even smells awesome once I took it out from it's protective cling wrap. 
As soon as I warmed it up and took a bite, I threw it away and went hungry for the afternoon wtf wtf.

Cheap things are love!

And I rock your world,socks,whatever that revolves around you... with my awesome pink lens! *winks*
Friday, December 17, 2010

My Love For Retrievers

Running down the stairs every morning after a 5 minute or so of snoozing after my mum's yelling to wake me up, I would rush to the kitchen and grab some anchovies and prepared milk...there I go, heading to the back of my house to feed all those stray cats. That was me, when I was in primary.
My love for animals is endless! For doing the above, I've received a lot of canning, scolding and even got locked outside of the house because I was feeding stray cats without my mum's knowing resulting loads of returning cats at the back of my Cheras house.

Yes, I am that weird. But I just love animals! And I can't understand why would some people give up their 'buddies' after being with em' for so long?! Don't you tell me that there is no feelings attached? If there isn't, then you're so inhumane.

Cats aren't my favorite-est among the lot but because I've stayed in a Malay area for the rest of my life, the closest animal that I can get my hands on are cats. So feed cats lo wtf. But what I really love are Golden Retrievers!! *hearts hearts*
Everyone say "Awwwwww~"
How can you not love something so cute and dumb looking as that!!

The Golden Retriever is a happy-go-lucky clown. He's reliable, trustworthy, calm, friendly, gentle and confident. He's very eager to please you. He isn't a one-man dog because he loves everybody. He's friendly with all dogs and strangers. He's highly intelligent and trainable. He's very active and energetic. He loves to romp, run and play outdoors and he loves to swim. He's gentle and patient with kids, even bratty ones! He loves to play games and have fun. He's athletic, agile and fast on his feet.
adapted from www.justdogbreeds.com 

At the place where I stay now, and as I walk the dog, I will pass by this blue gate door and there will always be a full grown retriever sitting at the porch.. all tied up. I feel sorry for the fella as I feel that this dogs really love big space, walks, running around with their tongue hanging out, caring owners etc and not all tied up and looking out the door when passer by walks by with their dogs. I swear I can almost hear the dog that I walk mocking him, somewhat like 'haha, I've got someone to walk me but you don't' wtf. #cryptic

I'm sure Gucci will love this. Yes, that is the name of the sad forlorn, even the name sounds stupid for a dog, I bet Gucci goes 'wtf' every time we call it.

The Golden Retriever is the most intelligent and easiest to train of all dog breeds! He learns new commands quicker than any other breed, which makes him very easy to train.
adapted from www.justdogbreeds.com 
And they actually looked dumb... but they are not!!

Too dumb looking too cute too cute too dumb looking!!!
I saw one huge one yesterday at PJ! And the fella actually eats bread all the way when the maids walked him? Lol? Eat and shit all the way ah? Lol!! And the owners were so friendly as me and my babe, eventually stopped our car by the side ala robbers wtf and i think we kinda scared the ladies, double wtf... and went 'aahhhh ooohhhh shoooooo cuteeeeee!'... WTF! I think I can only do this with my gila babi babe, Samantha Kalaichelvan.

The dog din't even paid any attention to us n kept looking at his bread. Triple the wtf.

Anyway, moving on... I love Golden Retrievers laa!!
But owning a Retriever means giving up your house being clean as this fellas really do shed a lot! They can be fucking cute and small and cuddly but they too can grow up being a giant -.- So I don't think that I will be owning any till my future husband lands us on a double football field size land, with our house in the center and a muthafucking big space for em' to run around. I want 2 retrievers then lol wtf...


That's it. I want this!

Dear Santa, can you drop me a Retriever up from the sky and touch my mom's heart to let us keep him. I  prefer a him. Thank you and amen *angelic eyes*
WTF. Sekian.
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Thank God For Friends

I really do thank Jesus, Siddhārtha Gautama, and the multiple Hindu goddess that brought all the friends into my live. Be it those that stays with me or those that left me as an enemy, I still love em' all.

Coming from a single parent family, money is always my issue, in fact, it's my whole family's issue. Mum never ever cringe on what we want even though she hasn't got the money, she would rather spend on us than on herself. Which is what I really hate because I've always feel that what is the point then if I were to work my ass off and at the end of the day, I don't have a single cent to spend on myself. Let's say I do have an extra of RM100 to spend, I would still be thinking of all the things I can pay for(eg, house rent/bills)if I were to not buy that (unnecessary) dress and keep this for household. That is my mom.

Thus I've decided to defer my studies and to come out to work, mainly to gain experience and to see what my real interest are in. And I've found that I've been in the wrong course all this while. Technically, I knew it from the beginning, it's just that I went along with mom's flow. Since she was the one who paid for it. And now that I'm working, I've finally decided to change my course to something that I've always want to do... Mass Communication. Thankful for all the mass communication friends that I've got, they totally poisoned me that I should be the organizer, the talker, the planner, the EVERYTHING except sitting in the office and typing wtf. They are also the reason that made me finally stamp my decision down despite the 2 years spent, slaughtering my own life and time away on E-Commerce and Marketing. Not forgetting the money that my mum used(now it's gonna be called wasted wtf)on me and my course and my travelling fares and my noms noms.
With that, I've also moved out of my comfort zone, my zone for 20 years now. It's really tough living without my mom as I have to do everything from A - Z all by myself. I can't simply spend because if I do then I would have no savings left at the end of the day.

Been really emotional this days and has a lot running through my mind and I think this is my lifetime crisis? I don't even know what that meant wtf.The only thing I know is that I want to be successful so that I can live a better life that my parents could not afford to provide me with. Sometimes I really do feel unwanted, unworthy, lonely, loner, like I just want to sleep eat sleep eat and hopefully the trees outside my house will grow money leaves.. while I eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep. Friends whom I know I can turn to always make me feel a bit more worthy, wanted and actually am not that lonely after all. The boyfriend too tried his best, I hope, to give me all the manly love that I've lacked since the age of 9 and made me feel that someone actually cares for me. Yet, I don't know why I still feel like having lunch alone with a stumpy grouchy face and not wanting to talk to anyone and just want to feel self pity and "Help me ah people, someone come and make me smile please!!"< this kind of a feeling.
Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Takes Pride Being A Mixed

My title actually says all that I want to blog about and it's not that I want to flame anyone or in this case, mixed parentage people but some people really do offence me much by them thinking that I should remember that they are mixed and worst is, they expect me to remember their 'mixture'.

Chinese with Indians, Indians with Malays, Malays with Thais, Indonesians with Chinese, Chinese with Angmoh, Sinhalese with Malays, etc etc etc plus with all those that you all can think of. This is what happen nowadays... Chinese just don't fancy being with a Chinese anymore, Malays don't go with Malays and Indians don't go with Indians... Matter of fact, it seems like no one is being together with the same race anymore! For God's sake, trend ah??

I, beg to be different. I love being with my own people. In my case, Chinese people. Some people might not know this, but I'm mixed myself. To cut the story short/lazy to explain, I'm a Chinese and  a Malaysian. Not proud with both but saves up my time trying to explain. So Chinese I shall be! *smiles*
Some of my friends thinks that it is nice and very 'knowledgeable' if they were to be with another race besides their own, with multiple reasons to add and add on to it. They say that they can learn more and know more about the other race's cultures, understandings, religion, beliefs(its is fun to know of other's beliefs,no doubt*winks*)etc etc.

But why would you all want to waste your time to go learn n know about the another race? Why would you want to risk yourself ending up hating the differ race if something that they believe in contradicts with your own race's beliefs? Why would you all want to change to a different race when you're born as a Chinese(example)and then you would have to live your life according to the another race's cultures, it feels like you're going back to zero where you were actually at the 100th place.?
I think this way and I did not say that every one should think the same way as I do.

Another very frequent reason that I get from my friends who hated to be with their race and would very much prefer to be with a different race is because they wanted pretty babies. What the fuck. So, you're saying that Chinese aren't pretty??? Malays aren't pretty??? Indians aren't pretty??? Well, go to hell. Who are you to judge anyways? And it isn't every mixed parentage's children are pretty when they grow up. It's not a fact stated on Wikipedia(not that it's very reliable)but it's definitely a mindset that is sickening to me. No doubt that quite a number of mixed parentage people are pretty but that's probably like luck-based(?)wtf I don't know, I'm just saying because there aren't proof to sustain what I'm preaching and definitely there is nothing you can use as a fact to fire back at me. CONFIRM.

Let's say that there are 100 babies to 'see the world' today and God feel like blessing only 10 parents of different race with pretty babies. Then the rest of the 90 'out-coming' babies how?? Fugly lor~ FYL lor~ So stop saying that 'I want pretty babies so I want to be with an angmo(assuming that I'm not an angmoh)because if I were to be with my own race, my baby sure not pretty one!". Once again, you're no one... NO ONE to criticize which race is uglier and which is prettier wtf.

Let's go to the reason why this post is here. 
All thanks to a old church friend of mine. Recently she found me on Facebook and I was so delighted to have her 'found' me. She's a bit 'i don't know how to say' like slow for her age, that kind of a kid but she has the heart of gold. Probably lack of self esteem but heck, Ive got that too.
Anyways, we're chatting on Facebook one day and she asked me whether I like her display picture or no. She actually profiled pictured a taken at 45 degree angle kinda picture of herself, resulting very huge kawaii self. And so I thought that that was pretty weird and not wanting to hurt her feelings, I replied "Yeap". 

Thinking that she would talk about a different thing, preferably filling me with what she is up to now, but no, she reasked the same question but in a different manner.This time around, it went "Do I look pretty? My display picture." And no, she's no lesbo, though I felt a sudden lesbo vibe from her wtf, but she isn't. CONFIRM. So I replied, "ohh, you use contact lenses too??" because that is what she actually wanted me to praise her on wtf.
Hello... I've had contact lenses in my eyes ever since I knew that there is such a thing and she made me sound like I've never heard/know what is a contact lens?! Well, that kinda pissed me off. But I forgive her because she's really a bit the retarded kind.

She then ignored me for 5 minutes or so, claiming that she needs to reply tweets with Pitbull. What the fuck -.-... She thinks I'm retarded is it?? Then she continued by asking me whether do I remember what race she is. She is not pretty and has dark skin but has nice features, so I answered "Indian? Mamak?" and she went on a tornado fury!! Crazy woman! I even got claimed to be heartless for a moment there, wtf? :(
Then she told me like 5 times of what mixed parentage is she and she keep saying that she is mixed mixed mixed... Okay okay I got it!

Being a mixed isn't every thing, really.
So Chinese please start dating back Chinese, Malays with Malays, Indians with Indians and all the same races together. I really think that we should be very sure of our own roots, then only meddle with other people's cultures. Pretty people aren't always due to mixed parentage and isn't it a bit annoying this days? That we actually can't differentiate a French guy and a Singh. Agreed much?
Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I'm Selling: Blings

I have 5 packets here and one of them is reserved.
Each is RM10 and I'd prefer COD and so, you can email me at theagapevox(at)gmail.com for more inquiries.



Every packet has 500 pieces of more of blings.

I would like to clear every thing here before bringing in more, so help is needed to do so!
I would not be posting others here the next time because for now, I can't solve the HTML problem and it wouldn't display pictures..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ocean Potion Presents: "Fair Game" Movie Screening


Ocean Potion is a range of sun screen products which just spells the word, 'AWESOME'! I have been using sun screen all my entire life and I can say that I've tried, not all, but almost all the sun screen that the market can offer me.

Some are pretty disappointing, some aren't really "good friend" with my sensitive skin, some are just too oily to my liking and some are just plain disappointing. I used to be very active in sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and also futsal, all this requires me to be under the sun the whole entire time! And I've been using all the disappointing sun screen, and it took effect on my supposedly-fair-skin.
Till I've found Ocean Potion. =)

My bare skin >.< and I'm showing it to the world! *dais*

And this is the one that I'm using and loving! *hearts hearts*

And what do you know! Ocean Potion also has a movie screening by Adverlets called "Fair Game"(the title sound pun intended lol)


Yup, there’s a movie screening this coming Monday and its non other than ‘Fair Game’! Thanks to sponsor Ocean Potion, not only will you get movie tickets, you will also stand a chance to win some of their great sunblock & tanning products plus a gym sized towel! Details below:
Blog contest for Ocean Potion
- Blog about your sunblock experience, and why you’ll like to win Ocean Potion products – and get a pair of tickets to watch ‘Fair Game’ & stand a chance to win Ocean Potion product hampers!
- Be a fan of the Ocean Potion Facebook Page
- Send your posts to info@advertlets.com
- Win movie tickets to watch Fair Game together with other bloggers!
- Ocean Potion products for best write-up (1st, 2nd & 3rd prize)
- You can also bring your existing sunblock on movie night to exchange for Ocean Potion products at discounted prices.
Now that you've know the secret to my almost flawless skin :)

Now, would you just hand me all those sunblock products?! ;P
For more info, log on to Adverlets.com
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