Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Animal Skinning In China!

This is so unbelievable!!Hitting seals as sports in Canada and now skinning animals alive in China??!!!What is wrong with the humans in this world!Is this world coming to an end for this mindless people to behave in such a manner worst than a beast!!
Please check out the link above and see what cruelty this people always have in mind in order to satisfy their own pleasure~

This are just some of the pictures shown on the website but all of you should really visit the site to discover unimaginable cruelty!!
I unashamedly say that i cried through out the whole video that they post on the web to create awareness to people from all around the world!!Please leave your comments after you have read this post and to those that might have an idea to help..PLEASE...Do your thing and help those animalSS!!


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