Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Changes~~

Today is the second day at TARC and obviously it is the second day of my orientation week.
Like it is stated in the title above,there is still no changes of my feeling and the impression that TARC gave to me and that is boring and a-waste-of-time-being-there!!
Went out at 7 today with fwenz yet being my driver still~~Lol~got stuck at the super duper massive traffic jam at unexpected place where usually not even a fly can be seen so of course and obviously it
kacau-ed our superly planned timing.Waited for the next fifteen minutes at the railway station(ktm to be exact)wasn't a prob at all!!The prob and the most annoying part is~~when the train did came after lk..wat..feels lk an hour,we cant even get half of our foot in!!Mind our whole body!!!

So~~cant do anything ma~~waited for another donkey 15min lur~~pissed off is what i can expressed for this morning!!Atlast managed to slipped ourself into the 2nd train and the time was lk 8.30(class start 9~)Sure late la~~then when we reach sentral,one of my fwenzmoney was sucked up by the darn machine(as if we got time for that)and no ticket was given!!So,another hustle to get the tics at sentral~~when on the monorel it was lk around 9!!At this point we dunt really cared bout being late ny more cuz we are and then we started to think of excuse lur~~watelse~~LOL~~real lame ones and im prohibited to reveal it to readers!!LOL~
When reached TARC,we dint dare to enter the class and my class is so darn far!!After a quick rest and managed to gather enuf courage(or i forgot to include that i saw ian while resting at the canteen 2)we proceed to our own respective classes.Me,nid to walk lk one thou miles away and by the time i found my class i was sweating lk shit cuz walk damn fast under scorching sun!!
Then when i finally entered the class,i was scared to death when one of my secondary senior was actually sitting thr(i dint aspected to bump into somone i neu)n i dint c him and he called my name out loudly!!DARN IT!!Guess he was excited to see me too!!LOL!!Felt relieved once i saw him cuz "IM NOT ALONE!!"
Then ended up at Times Square and teman-ded my guy friends to go shopping!!Hahahah!!Biggest joke ever!!I have never teman my guy friends to go shopping before and believe me gurls,they are no different than us!!Except that they dunt squeal and start jumpping around in happiness when they managed to buy something that they had always wanted to buy,they just stay cooool...Lol~!!But i had a great day though shoppin with them eventhough they went back 1st leaving me alone waiting for my mum that seems like ages!!
Guess thatz all frm me today,gt TARC waiting for me tomorrow!!Weee~~Excited~~Wow~~
Do you feel the irony of it~~I LURVE TARC~~NOT!!!


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