Saturday, May 10, 2008

Glad to be chilling at house

hm..after one and the half months of staying at my camp and fulfilling the national service,there are alot of things that i miss and those things can't be replaced because what's pass will always remains as a passby..
if you readers out there does not know what i meant then i will reveal some of my life routines to you peeps out there=p on every single saturday,i have never ever missed(since i know how to walk properly lar) out going to or rather accompany my mother to our nearby morning market to do our grocery for the rest of the week...but since i have been to ns,i had missed out 5 times accompanying my lonely mom to the market and that really put me into alot of guilt!!LOL...silly me right...
but this morning i have regain my 'job' and that is to be the body guard of my mom and to accompany her to do her grocery!!LOL...nothing special for today(well at least for now).
gonna sign off now..glad that i can attend my church tommorom after missing it for 5 times during ns and im sorry to say that the slim river church that i went during ns was a waste of my time because no good sermons was delivered and all the pastor did was lullably-ed us to sleep with his 'menacing' voice and his 'great' sense of humour which always brings chills down my bone!!
hahahahahah...thats the chicky side of victoria that you do not see often!!anyway,leave comments after reading my blog and shoot me in the face or rather at my blog comment cause i am open to any comment whether bad or good!!=D chiowz for now!!


K.... said...

hey! actually i agree with that part on the pastor. lol. I'm seriously bringing all the sermon recordings back to camp in my phone to listen on saturdays and sundays. =P

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