Monday, May 19, 2008

What Happened??

Hey!!Sorry that i haven been posting for the past 5 days!!
Hm..I went for church today and had a great surmon which is very useful and it was entitled
'Living In The Last Day With Christ".
Pastor Chin taught us how to live the last days in Christ...Later on,sent my aunt back and went to Jusco to get some pens and notebooks for my preparation to TARC.
Yesterday,my aunt and family went to Nishii Sushi to have my long-life longing for sushi and was kind of disappointed!Ate salmon teriyaki instead of real sushi!!!Had one/two piece ny!!
HAIZ...WATEVF!!And meet some lengzai there making sushi behind counter!!How hot N hunky!!!LOL!!
The day before that i went for a hair cut,like real short,no pix thou but il upload it soon!!Jz wait!!


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