Friday, May 9, 2008

A Day Full With Joy And Hope!!

Today was an enjoyable day that i will never forget as long as i live!!D 1st day outing with my clse national service friends!!thou some did not turn up but never the lest it was fun and we enjoyed each others company!we went to times square and then to sungai wang which is boring for me because i don't suite that kinda place and it's always full and pack with sweat smelling people!!i agreed to follow em to the people-pack place is just to satisfy one of my friend that has this longin to go there to buy bags and clothings...but when we were half way there,she turned direction to low yat without even telling the rest of the 'troupes' and bought her so call'needed' and 'emergency'thumbdrive.what realy pissed me off is that we are out today with the purpose of temaning her for the last time b4 she's leaving for matrix at malacca(which make us least to meet)Because of her,our group ended up spilliting into 4 groups!!That realy realy boils my blood!!haiz...Gud deeds are never replaced back with gudwill...
After a whole day of bonding together before we go back to our hometown and some will be going...should i say sent back to"HELL",i felt that this bunch of us should do more than having a gatherin and walking around aimlessly if we are intending the friend relationship bond to be a stronger!! Anyway,today is always better than the day evry single day to the max!!laterz!!


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