Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New School,New Life~

Today is the starting day of my college life.Got abit exited in the morning but the nervous-ness started to enfold me as the time neared 12.30(the time my friend came to pick me).I really do not know where and why the nervous feeling suddenly appeared but it soon faded away when my friends do stupid jokes in the car while on our way there!!
Maybe it is because i am afraid to be unable to cope with college life/maybe with the course that i have chosen!!I am not the business type of person!!Never really care bout business till now actually!!Was actually interested in mass communication!HAIZ~WTH!!

When we reach there they was a big crowd of ppl who obviously reached there earlier than us and mind you all that we are not late,we are just on time(those ppl over excited)=p
Saw some unkeen to see school friends,meet one NS friends and that is Pay Teng.
Later we were divided into guys and gals to be given our files and tees...So...got separated with fwenz lur~Sat wit Pay Teng but still it was a boring session of ppl talking infront and us nodding off in silence(sleeping lar~watelse!!)
They kept calling us freshies and i really hate the note that they use when they say "FRESHIES".It sounded like they want to bully us or something!!Hate it lur~
We just sat and sat and sat and...did i mention sat??
Thatz wat we just did at orientation today!!
Later they divided into our respective course and we were brought to tour our campus and to let us noe where E-COMMERCE AND MARKETING class should be.We walk for quite a distance and all they did was just read sumthg out of the bulletin that they passed to us earlier on!!WHAT THE....LAME...!!!Then we just dismissed!!SWT-NYA~
Haiz~lil'disappointed and it wasn't how i aaspect it to be!!
Well,tmr itz gonna be a long day again so...gta go nw!!God Bless All Of You!!Chiowz!!


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