Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memoirs Of National Service~

Haha~this might look like i have nothing else better to blog but actually i wanted to share with all of you my memoirs when i was in Kem Geo Kosmo..Yup...That is the name for my NS site..The name sounds lame and the place is kinda lame...

But never the less,as a city girl,the sceneries in that kampung area really takes my breath away especially during wee hours.The weather in KKB is really really differ from the weather here in KL.I only took a picture of this place and there is no other.
During my days there,i met this group of girls that really click well with me and we practically go everywhere and do everything together.We,unashamedly name ourself "THE 38 GANG"!!LOL...I gue
ss you all know what that means..

Yup,u guess it right..that's us..all six of us..All equally so chic..=p This gang or should i say group of girls are unashamed to be who their are,each with a differ personality yet each of them are unique in their own manner=) That is what makes us like real siblings,WE BOND...WELL...=) is us again..we camwhore at the DEWAN MAKAN Letz see more wackiness from us!!Thatz why i adore and luv em so much!!=)

Emma and Pui San posing in dorm.

Lenglui's...All available!!=p

Peggy and emma

I LURVE this pix!!

All doing naughty faces!!!LOL...

We are just chilling while waiting 4 event to start..
Meanwhile..we camwhore samooo...LOL..=p

Durind the six days holidays,most of us go back and will never return to the camp anymore and that is the end of our NS and our fun time together with our beloved friends and those teachers that we loved and admired.Here are pix of those who went back early...(took pix with me,ofcuz, will be seeing alot of ME..=P)




And lotz more lar~You all see 4 urself,ok..

Meanwhile there are also other friends that aren't from around kl area.

FERRY!!(the 3rd from left)
The cutest girl from sabah that i met at NS is none other than our cute yet strict penghuluwati,RINIE!!She is one of my best budd that cried crazily when i told her i am going back for good..HAIZ~I miss her~

Nevertheless, i am glad that i am released early(release sounds lk animal!!lol)so that i can continue and further my studies at TARC!!=)
Besides,i met a few friends that will be goin to the same college with me AND...HERE THEY ARE!!TARC HERE WE COME!!


ViCkY@Victoria said...

I miss my 38 GANG!!!
Let do a reunion and letz pick a date for that!!
I miss you gals!!

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