Friday, May 9, 2008

Unpredictablity Is A Game Plan Of The World!

1st and foremost..i wanted to say that i am realy realy happy that have finish up my national service in such a short period of time!!All thanks to my mum thou!!Yesterday was the best day of my whole entire 18 years old life(at the beginning),then when we are about to be released back into civilization,we got to know that one of our close friend(at least she's close and dear to me)will be 'staying' there for the rest of her entire 'life'....never had the chance to see her family anymore,never got to experience life after secondary school anymore,never got to make new friends anymore...To those that are from Kem Geo Kosmo...our friend..Choo Hui Min,will forever n ever be in our memory!!T.T
Life is never ever in the control of our god created hands..we are only created to flow with the decisions that the HANDS ABOVE decides.Unpredictablity is what i name my page because you'l never know what's going to happen to you,your family and even to your friends when the next sunrise appears!!So i urge all you readers out there to be well aware of the people around you and not to take lightly of the relationship that has been bonded no matter in a day time,a week time,a month time or even in a year time...
Yesterday wasnt a great day that i cant give title to...i would say that it is a moderate yet shocking day....Life Must Go On...=D


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