Friday, May 23, 2008

Way Better!!=)

Yesterday and today was way better than the 1st two days!!Lol~Yesterday i sat at the lrt for more than one hour because i did not want to be at college that early and i ended up boarding a train which is darn pack with people all rushing to work!Anyway,i need to get use to that since i am going to be using the lrt for the next four years~weee~~Lol~Yesterday was Society Day whereby we can use unlimited society clubs to join that is offered at TARC.Me and Viv joined the Christian Fellowship Society(CF) and the Music Society.Later on yesterday we went to the canteen 2 to watch band performance performed by none other than our very own ian and his college band as they were the ex-TTN winner!WEE~~
And as for today,waited for marie in the morning to drive to ian's so that we are able to go to TARC together.Had our breakfast at BRJ(duno long form,itz some mamak stall)and there to fulfill my longing for roti canai!!Hahaha...Hadn't had that for the last 3 months till today!!Muahahahaha!!!Satisfied at last!!Lol~~Had a great time sitting down together again with ian,vivian and marie and had a great laugh together like how we used to do at our Cheras Lifegroup.Then ian dropped us at our respective lecture classes and both of them went to the nearest Old Town to kill time while waiting for us.By the time we ended(kesian em la~~waited 4 hours!)they look so fed up but still ian JIE-JIE~~brought us to the Noodle House to have our lunch.That place rocks man~no tax charged and the foods are delicious-soo~~and are at affordable prices!!Really recommend the place to other people!
Later on,went back to class for our 2nd session.Ms Patricia is a real bombshell and a real cool yet cute lecturer and Mr Gary Seach is really cute with perfect English-speaking(guess hz lk a banana lk me!!Lol)
Now i have two days of rest before i start my lecture classes next monday.Can't wait!!=p
Hope it is going to be a blast!!=D
Ok~~i know i had already crap alot!!Lol~~
God Bless You All!!Wait for my next blog yea?!Chiowz~


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