Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Someone sent me this today to describe the word MOTHER:
To me the sender is so true about all the describition above because no can be the best motivater except for mothers when we are in times of trouble,sadness,anger ar even in times of happiness!!Mothers always have those miracle and magic words whereby it can give us not only strength but at times it motivates us to produce more ideas and thus we are able to fight through our obstacles safely with a sound wisdom.I remember once when my granma passaway and the year after that was my spm year.That incident had a great effect on me whether in my studies or my sense of was those miraculous wors that has been splurged on me that gave me the courage to work harder and to drive my mind away from the sadness that i am facing.
The word onlyone is way to powerful to be use unattentively...Teenagers especially uses this word for their couple such as "ure the onlyone for me...".It is very wrong and mothers will fell crush when they heard their child using that word to their love ones instad towards them...So...say that only to your mothers,ok you readers out there!!
no one except mother can give us their unselfish and everlasting truelove so readers outhr love em wit al ur heart!!


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