Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Early this morning i received an awful heartbreaking yet disgusting email from a friend of mine.Regarding some brainless people and yes..i am regarding to those canadians who make hitting seals as a SPORTS??!!Don't they have anything better to do?!
If all of you readers out there would just take a good look of the seal here on my left...Itz just a baby and arent it cute!! you..or at least can you all imagine what does it look like when those cute seals have been hit with steels and hard objects and are hit to their own deaths!!

Letz look at the picture of them after being tortured!!

Do they even look like those cute seals now!!What do you all felt when you saw this heart rending pictures...

I do not even know whether this is a spillt head or body!!How cruel!!
Do you all want to see more of the cruelty??!!
Here's more...

Dead bodies of those lovely seals all around north pole!!Not so 'lovely' anymore,ey..

Thousand of seals die every single day and this do not help in anything except to extint them in a faster pace than anyone could think of!!Lets see pictures of some brainless people caught redhanded doing cruel and pschyo activities!!

Do you all see and can you all feel how and what i felt this morning when i saw all this madness!!How cruel!!Beating them up as sports is totally maniac but this...LOOK..tying them and beating them up!!This helpless creatures do not even have the 1% percentage to run away or at least to protect themselves from being shove and hit by those maniacs!!

Can you all feel the sadness and the loneliness that this young seal are going through when it sees the heap and piles of those dead seals and are it's family members??!!
I wonder what will you all do and how will all of you react when one of your family member,with no sickness in body,living live healthily are beat to death right infront of your eyes with no any reason at all...How would you all feel...

Please...Someone...Do something to stop all this craziness...
They(seals)also have their rights to live on this planet earth created not by human but by God!!
So...Who are those humans to take and decide when and how those seals should live and die...
Please hear their cry for help and help them fast before our next generation ask us this..' does seals look like?'
This is an awareness that everyone should be aware of and take action now!!


Jules said...

This is really saddening. Is this for real? Is this really happening in Canada?

Hey, by the way, thanks for your comment...thank you...please include our family in your prayers...


VivianNg said...

oh my freakin goodness.
my heart drop when i saw this.
those ppl are way to much.
how can they do that.
look how adorable the seals are.
They even have the heart to treat the seals like that.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! >.< how could they have the heart to do this unhumanity act??!! cant they see with their own eyes what have they done?? or r they blind?! im really disappointed with human's behaviour now. God created animals and us!! created everything we have now to let us live in harmony!! not torturing!! God gave humans brains to think BETTER than animals! if those humans that have brains that God created but still indeed do such thing,i really have no tolerance in this matter!!!!!!! there's a perfect word that suit them.. but i wouldn't say that cz i have BRAINS!!! u BE*#t!!!actually worst than BE&*T!!

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