Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Atrocity of Life

Ohai! Have not been blogging much lately, so i semangated and will try to blog two post today.

Went out quite frequently this few days and sees much atrocity and wtf moments that is so unavoidable. There are also many many unexpected events or things that occurred out of the blue-ness of moon wtf and all you can do is to just absorb the moments and analyze thereafter.

In which i am doing now. Teehee!

Crossword puzzling in church. Damn gan cheong okay.. My love for crossword puzzle.

Was on my way to meet someone and while waiting for the train, this train comes along.
It is stated so clearly at the head of the train and the side of the ktm that is just a training train.
And some of the clever passengers tried to ignore and went straight inside.
Terus kena diau wtf. LOL

Last but not least, CAN YOU ALL SEE WHATS IN THE CAR?!


(@,@) said...

hei lil' pd...like d way u blog wif d BM words...veli well twisted. hahahah
btw..u sell that tous bag 2?

p/s: pic #3 is juz like d astro ..."on demand" lor right?

Victoria said...

(@.@)..I duno sell that bag, it's mine but if you want it then i sell that too you so that i can change new one! LOL

Astro on demand??what talk you?

fluotone said...

most of the rakyat here are pretty ignorant, then again why open the doors of the train in the first place? cos in malaysia anything goes.. perhaps the people thought so themselves.

btw, u seem to be getting lot of "weird stuff a.k.a spam" wei.. =P

and may god forgive you for playing crosswords in church get a psp instead lah~ hehe.. :S

ohno, may god forgive me for just saying that :S hehehe!

Victoria said...

floutone::exactly! ignorant and stupid people like the ones in the lrt, thats why the open the door and even more stupid people, stupid enough to not see that and goes inside.. Seriously i was laughing when the aunty kena marah! LOL

yea yea that freaking gy/girl spam here damn alot so ignore..

eh psp awak bagi saya laa~ u shud really stop psp-ing...

fluotone said...

hello missy, u want god almighty to send a huge lightning from heaven to strike me ar? plus then what am I going to play with when I go to church every sunday then? hehe :P

The speed of you're reply has astounded me. Nothing to do ar? =P

whoops! cardio! late~! cya..

Victoria said...

floutone::ohhhhh!!!!! u also play psp in church!!!! ohhhhh!!!!!

now i reply late la and the amount of time u check into my blog is very the astounding too!! hahahahahahaaa

fluotone said...


Victoria said...

floutone: hahahahaha i won!!!! *pumps fist to air*

fluotone said...

= = monkey!!

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