Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paging A Hair Stylist!!

While waiting for mummy, I was in the car listening to the radio and was twisting my hair and my fingers got stuck in between. For a good 2 minutes, i spent trying to untangle the tangled hair with finger fml...

That is when I know that i badly need a hair cut! My hair has not been in such worst condition EVER in my whole entire life! Spilt ends, two toned color, frizzy like aunty's hair, messy all the time, gets tangle easily, spilt ends. OOPSS, cause i never ever have a 2 inch long spilt end!! RRRRaaaaaWWWWRRRR!!

And my hair stylist needs to be on a day off today wtf.

Got a Prom Night(SBS Night) in a week time and a wedding dinner in two weeks time. I must look at my very best for both nights! Vain much?? Too bad, that's what girls are good at and guys are attracted to girls who are vain for their own good, i suppose, no?


fluotone said...

senget stuffs haha!! have fun at the prom night :)

Victoria said...

you la senget floutone!! u even play ur psp sengetly! hahahahahhah

fluotone said...

mana ada..its more like upside down :P

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