Sunday, November 8, 2009

Falling For You

Is what i am coincidentally listening to right nao.

Have not been blogging regularly again and i even have to spell check my word "regularly"wtf. English standard is deteriorating to level nil fml.

Been much busy lately coping with college life, college life and college life. Oops, did i just repeat that thrice? LOL cause that is what i am occupying my time with lately. Besides ultimate bimbo-ing and heart-to-heart talk time with the bestie.

No worries, i have not turned into a boring 19 year old who just wants to quickly end college, work and get marry wtf. I am not. I am me, still as crazy as i can and wanna be.
On a side note, i think BlackBerry cult is increasing and will eventually get into the light and be announce as one of the religion wtf cause i see EVERYONE using BB. Be it in the monorail, LRT, KTM or walking on the streets, people are tapping and clicking away on their BB. I WANT ONE TOO!!

Then then then i can FB whole day, replying emails and deleting spams all the time, tweetpic!! Argh! Cause currently if i tweetpic, i would beusing gprs to get access to the net and that would burn a hole in my purse/wallet whatever.. Don't know how many cents perminute okay...
And and i tweetpic, must wait for it to load! Don't know takes how many seconds.. But if i have got a BB with Celcom plan, i need not to be so kiamsiap and tweetpic all the time!!


Anyways, i think God is forbidding me to cut hair. Got proof okay!
The first time, should head over to my hairstylist after college, then half way driving back to salon, mum says she tired and "Lets go tomorrow". And tomorrow never comes.
The second time happens today, twice samo wtf. Wanted to go early in the morning after marketing, got ready and was walking to the car already, i stomachache and needs toilet. So mum say go later in the afternoon. When afternoon comes, heavy thunder storm melanda my area wtf.

So i still have unchio hair. Happy la u all bitchies out there with nice hair!

p/s: cant wait for tomorrow, hope it begins, centered and ends with a sweet touch! <3


Anonymous said...

So damn god kesian not allowed hair cut by god? lolx....

I oso want bb eh, but god damn expensive lar the plan..I dun use that much oso..

So stick back my htc is the best :)

Victoria said...

anonymous::hehe!!! its like curse wtf. htc!!! is it good?? is it as close as BB's function? i heard that it is quite lag ryt?
thanks fer commenting

ftw said...

obstacles??? not smooth? u know how 2 make it smooth...hahahah

go potong lor....

Victoria said...

ftw:: er can stop with the "potong" joke? i find it rather irritating and it is definitely not funny anymore

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