Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freak and Freakttes of Facebook

Been Facebooking around a lot lately and i had been randomly typing out names, be it guy's or girl's just for the fun of it. That is also to see how creative my brain is when it comes to making stuffs up. And i am amazed at the things tat this people would do and did just to get like like 12267 people in their friends list. And that is just plain pathetic really and i have categorized them into groups wtf. Namely, Dick Turned Gay, Hentai Om Om, Faceless Cause Im So Fugly Like That.

1) Dick Turned Gay
Description for this category of people are.. You see damn chunted face or body of a supposingly damn chun girl, and that makes most of the guy's to click it and then straight away request them to be their friends. Without even noticing the odds which are them having a guy's name.
Okay okay, example okay.. I give damn chunted face girl. Really damn chun but i think is photo shopped and obviously it did not belong to the owner of the fb account.

Nice and pretty right. Drool all you want people and imma be nice and give youthe link so that you all imainative people can add "her"
Might be a tranny and i am not promoting her, so do not come back and sue me fer anything misbehaviour wtf between you and "her" okay.

By the way, "her" name is Alex Tham.
*jeng jeng jeng*
i credit *er er er* Alex Tham?Facebook? You get the drift.

2) Hentai Om Om (om om means Uncle in Indonesia)
I don't think this needs much explanation cause the title just said it all! Unless you all duno whats hentai, just leave me a comment below, i will be so glad to explain in detail for you.
Usually this kind of people, will try to take either "i'm still handsome and young" pictures by posing in front of the webcam and used the really lousy webcam to take that unseenable/unclear pictures of themselves, under really dim lights, and if by one glance, we thought that it's some damn chun guys. Then when you check their friend list, you will notice that outta that 1564 friends they got, 1563 are females(real chun ones) and the one left is probably some hentai friend who wants to share fame like that wtf.

this isn't what i want to potray here but his face really got the Hentai Om Om look wtf with the smirl face and the cigrattes and all.
And his friends are all total random and no whatsoever link between em and he only add my pretty friends wtf!

Even his name sounds like he is some immigrant from Indon or something.

This guy is the most Hentai Om Om in my list.
To my frequent readers, i am sure that you saw my previous rant about a guy named Roy Lee who spammed my inbox and chat box at facebook twice in half an hour time. When i check his profile, 90% girls okay. Then got like 438 something friends and he claims to me that he got no friend wtf.

You all pussies feel free to add him if you all are horny cause i think he needs it. He says he is lonely. LOL.
I don't think he is gay okay if you were to look closely at the picture.

3) Faceless Cause Im So Fugly.
This is widely known okay. Some people just cant be and arse to put up pictures but they got like 15734 friends like that for and how they get that, it will always remain as a secret, an unknown fact.
I don't even need to put up pictures here cause there aren't any!!
You know the normal blue icon facebook when you took down your facebook display picture. Yea that one.
one of the many many examples.

My conclusion is that there are just so many people on this earth with really weird issues and thinking and dressing and they way they talk, their hair colors, their rate of lameness and many more. You can't just say yes to all of em cause you will suffer at the end of the day and you surely cant simply decline cause they might be of good use and you will never know right?

I approve everyone and i think i should change the way i do things too,


ftw said...

wah so free lately ar...can do more with d mini? sound like inspector gadget leh...checking here, unfolding wonder u wan to korek me. hahahah

Victoria said...

ftw:: i came across actually and no i did not even TRY to korek you... whatever that means. hahahahahah

ftw said...

LOL!! oh i see...hv a great STUkfcDY time over there...hahahah

fluotone said...

weirdo's.. weirdo's and more weirdo's... am i one? lol!!

Victoria said...

floutone:: hahaha wtf i noe its u!! lame name.. hehehe ony u can think of it and by the way, how u got my blog ar??

ftw:: wtf?? are u floutone too?? *scratch head*

ftw said...

hahahah dun scratch head, potong better...

it's time 2 potong if it takes u an hour to connect...

Victoria said...

ftw:: are u like marie?

fluotone said...

zzz... I thought u already knew long back with the obvious trails of clues I've been leaving behind.. slowpoke!!! haha >.< and nope, ftw it not me =.=!

haha glad I made u hyper VP =P lol!!! and hello this nick has like bound itself for generations to me le, if you stay in kampung of course you wouldn't know.. haha =P

as to how I found your blog, we'll leave that on a need to know basis ya hehe *winks*


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