Friday, November 13, 2009

Somethings Will Never Change

The fact that my laptop was stolen and i have to secretly use my brother's dekstop now because i think something is wrong with the netbook will always be a fact and will never change. I am still waiting for the upcoming PC Fair but i might just wallap a laptop from somewhere if it is what i want.
There are also things that will never ever change no matter how much and hard we put our efforts into to dig a 6 feet depth hole and shovel everything beneath, it will still remain the same. Whats worst, new sprouts might come out from what we had been trying so hard to keep/remain. And make our life worst wtf.

Somethings like

#1. The eyebag around over eyes due to lack of sleep.
Will always be there and will never ever go away no matter how much concealer we use wth..
#2. Also the very obvious fact that i am very full of myself and i cam-ho a lot. That's me in the toilet by the way. Say HI to my favorite MNG tee! LOL

#3. This is something that you all might not know. I AM VERY OBSSESSED with Mickey Mouse. If i could and i would, i would want a whole Mickey study related things(chio ones not the kiddo ones please), to get my room decorated and filled with Mickey, all things regarding to Mickey that is chio, I WANT THEM ALL!! LOL...
This are the very few things that will never change in my life and i think there is more to add, when i found out about myself laa that is.
And i had a great day today woohoo!!
I hope what i planned turns out alright.
*Three years since you left us, and now I MISS YOU even more.


ftw said...

#1 > we are(@.@) family laa

Victoria said...

lol ftw, u are also (@.@) mehhh??

ftw said...

me arrr... > (6,6) hahahah

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