Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where Got Ghost!?

I really don't intend to copyright off this title and used it for my title of blog post, but this is the DVD that i bought and i have not had the chance to watch it. And the title really got something to do with my post today.. Not I shiok shiok use okay~

Been assignmenting for the past two weeks non stop and i feel that my head/brain/skull had expand a bit, but i still don't feel smart wtf.

#1. This is my almost trustworthy Asus netbook and yes, that is my assignment.
Doing this while in the car, on my way to graveyard.

Now now, don't wtf me for saying that i am heading to the graveyard instead of to Pavillion for Blogathon Kuala Lumpur.. Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary since my grandmother passed away.

#2. So we went to the graveyard to pay respect. It was her birthday too, according to mummy.

Been searching high and low for the flowers cause the usual florist that we buy from, i think they bankrupt or something. Cause the place where their store had been is now spelt "Kedai Haiwan ... ..." wtf.
*marketing moments*
Never ever be a florist and wants to sell flowers just because you think that flowers deserve to be spread around and about cause they are so lovely like that. NO! Flowers makes you go BANKRUPT. What i am trying to say is that being a florist, is not a substantial thing for a living. Flowers die after a day and there goes the modal you used to buy them for sale and there is no sales.

Damn waste money right?!
That is why i hats down to the one that thought of creating plastic flowers. It will not die, will still stay pretty and flowers don't smell that nice anyway, so why care!!
*marketing moments ended*

#3. While waiting for the flowers, camwhore-d for someone that I am in love with.
*the eye bag (@.@)*

And off we went heading to the yard, it just feels weird saying GRAVEyard. I don't know why.

#4. The weather is just what i like. It rained before that.
Mummy and brother.

#5. Me tagging along behind.
Was abit heavy hearted to walk to my grandma although i was the one been harping around my mum to go and pay a visit.
I just don't want to see the place where she lays is full with grass and there is no tombstone as a remembrance and to let people see how she looked like. Not very pretty, but i still think that every girl is sexy somewhere deep down under.

My heart render and goes out to all the souls that has been laid here cause this place is really run down and as you can see, there are spots that are filled with lalangs(tall grass). This are the ones forgotten by the family members, and their tombstones are just never made.

I was very careful while walking all around searching high and low for my grandma cause we thought that there was no tombstone YET.

Cause i do not want people to be stepping on me if i were to lay there!

And an hour later, we finally found my grandma! I found it yo!!

Prayed a short prayer and spend like 20 - 30 minutes sitting by her and telling her all the things that i had wanted to tell her. I said it in my heart though. Obviously, there are things that i want to remain silent towards my mum. And me and my grandma has always had this "secret moments" where i would lay on the floor inside her bedroom, with her on the bed, talking just about everything to nothing and to something. Sometimes we end up fighting over the silliest misunderstanding and i would find myself storming out of the room for television, leaving her there.

Then again, i would still find myself laying down with my hands pillowing my head and pouring out my heart to her, like the good gossip buddies.
3 years later, I still had that envisioned so vividly in my mind everytime i pass by her room and tears would well up in my eyes.
I still think of you a lot! The times when i am alone at home, the times when i see old people everywhere i go, the times when i am at my most down moments, the times when i am scared and it seemed that no one is there for me, the times when i really need a good scolding, the times when i really need someone to be there for me, the times when i sit down and pray alone now..

The times when I miss you so much, i don't know what to do.
Love you grandma. I hope heaven got internet and you can read my blog post. This is for you.


Amanda Janelle said...

sigh wen i read yr post i almost cried la.. my grandfather passed away recently, so reading this really reminded me of him..

Victoria said...

amanda:: im really really sorry to hear that and *hugs* you... you have all rights to be sad and to cry..but life moves on after that okay.. this is not something easy said then done from me cause ivf been tru that situation

gbu amanda and all your family member!

ftw said...

as u moves on...that was yesday...n b4 we regret or 2late 4 tomorrow, we should appreciated n care 4 our loves one today...

p/s: same goes to d things we wanna do n words we wanna say...

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