Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In A Baby's World

Is just somewhere i would really love to turn my time back to.

People used to say that living life the right way is to live it looking forward and never ever to look back or ponder on the past cause it will bring you no where. But i say, even sometimes, living it looking forward, it doesn't really bring you anywhere too. Now thats what i say that life is a bitch. You can never ever know the right path without randomly choosing onto one, and if you're lucky, your first pick would lead you to great life. And if you're the type that has no lucky hands and chose the wrong path of life, well... STRIVE. To either move forward or to go back to the starting point to choose the second path.

I would just stay on the path that i had either chose wrongly or correctly cause you will never know the answer till you really really end the whole journey that you had started. Basically, people that turned back in an attempt to choose the 2nd path, are those that cant embrace a little hardship. I believe that no matter or whatever road or path you have chosen, there will still be obstacles along the way. It's either a big one or a small obstacle/s.
Ego people like me will choose to hang on to the hardship, hoping for a better day and working towards a better day. Rather then to turn back cowardly, to start all over again! That's ridiculous but there are people who do so.

Was on duty for King's Kids last week.
My job is to be the assistant of the main teacher, looking and teaching after babies from the age of 10 months to 2 years old.
And all i see every time i am on duty, is the purity and the happiness that is portrayed on the faces of this toddlers.
I was full of envy then, and how i wish that some Bartolomeow or fairies would just whisked out from thin air, granting me A wish. I would wish to be in my most happiest time in life and to stay at that moment forever.(is that two wishes?) LOL.
I feel so bland and blatantly beat up spiritually, mentally and physically this days. Even the things that i usually do last time, where i got loads of interest in it, just seemed to lost their magic touch in making me interested for it/them. Is it because that i am growing older? *sigh

But apparently, i am not the one feeling that way. So i know i am not weird! LOL
Random, i think i should re cultivate my love for reading cause i feel that i am short of vocabs when i blog. *sigh


ftw said...

life's not a bitch...it's a journey n a forward jrny coz u'll nvr knw where is d endin point...it's not picking d right o wrong path or hang on to them..it's how u navigate through it.

u cant tell which is ur happiest time now, as u go along, there r more ahead, n u cant tell which is d happiest 1 until u reach d fullstop...juz like d things u like doin yesday will b fading today...n thats not u r getin older o weirdo, well, u juz navigated through these path n u found sumting new or more interest or so to say a new feeling...

another happiest time awaits... perhaps. who knows?

Victoria said...

ftw:: yea~ hope so. more happier days to come

ftw said...

as i said, a new feeling, soon to be unearth....n happier days ahead....
hahahah :)

Victoria said...

hahaha yea yea thanks and i hope so too

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