Sunday, November 22, 2009

Something In Mail

I am a fanatic for carbohydrates such as rice and whatnot, bread. I can have this two for the whole day, week, month, years and never grow bored with it. Not that I need a lot of carbohydrates... it's just me liking it.
And i was much thrilled with what i got in mail today. Sent me giggling as i walk into my house after my routine mail-check as soon as we reach home from church.

Opps, that's my mouse on the bread.

You din't think that i would be such a dirt bag din't cha~?

Is what i got today from CIMB, which is their new advertising strategy of indulging your brains into "Get Used to Getting More". They uses the bread concept where people can use it as a base and change the fillings.

the many many suggested fillings to suit demand of different customers.

This is really a good form of advertising! Something fresh and new and not all and everyone getting this concept cause certainly mummy did not get it and she just feel delighted receiving a fake bread(wtf) at her mail box.

There is a whole loads of explanation about this great new plan but i shall not further elaborate.

it is not gonna serve it's purpose to my mouse! LOL

p/s::not advertorial. I get no pay.
p/p/s:: hungry looking at it wtf


~XiAnG~ said...

U got one mouse but use so many mouse pad buat apaa?

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

so cute right mui! :) like ur hair la! hahaa

fluotone said... :S

Victoria said...

xiang::hehehe eh not mouse pad okay but i wanna change flavor ma! LOL

jessica:: yea yea the bread thing is cute!! and hahahah don't my hair look like lala???samuel say like lala wtf -_-


fluotone said...

=.= as to you're always senget! HAHAHA =P

Victoria said...

floutone::what is senget actually

fluotone said...

look in de mirror =P

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