Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shabu One with Em Classmates

It's been quite some time since i had a day out with them classmates and the last one that i could remember was when some of us went to the Genting trip. Most of them did not, so cannot consider as day out with classmates wtf.
This time around, all thanks to Yvonne who whole heartedly and nicely planned a day of eat out at Shabu One Restaurant located at Lot 10, uppest floor. I don't know which floor is that, go find yourself. xD

#1. Besttie, Yvonne and yours truly. Half way eating or messing around, which ever suits.

#2. As soon as we arrived, we tried to settle everyone down so that everyone is comfortable with whom they are sitted with, with the things such as soup to be decided and out eating gala started right after that. Then the rest of us started to arrive. There were issues here and there in between but it really isn't necessary and it is OBVIOUSLY started off by someone who is damn hypocrite. But all's well and ends well.

While decision are to be made by em people, the camho-ing session started...

#3. Me and Joy

#4. Yours truly with a tired face and EYE BAGS! RAWWWR!

#5. The amount of food (and more of this later) that we started to go get. And i finally ate beef that doesn't smell!! And it's love!
The yellowish thingy is supposingly the beloved sotong but it smelled spoilt so we did not eat a single piece of it at the end of the day.

#6. The next table. Was utterly damn awesome i tell you, the amount of food they ate can serve nations and nations and nations. LOL wtf.

Half way through eating, besttie saw desserts and boy, our eating was so messed up that day. There were so many food that we don't know which to eat first, so we kinda like finger food-ed, then steamed boat-ed food, then dessert then steamed boat-ed food then dessert then finger food and WUAH THE CHICKEN DAMN AWESOME!

#7. This, IS LOVE!! To those that have no idea what this is (like me), this is Coconut Jelly which is a damn awesome dessert laa~
I want to eat this again!!

Then there were yoghurts for you to choose from which they made it like jelly form too. Mad awesome.

#8. THERE!!! the one reason that i would go back to Shabu One is their unique dessert. YOGHURT! MY MILK INTOLERANCE SINFUL HEAVEN!!

*9. SOME of the food. P/s, prawn gala there wtf. And it was all consume alone by a girl! namely Prawn Queen! LOL pwned!

To burn fats off, we started camho-ing with all the attendees. And SS pictures too! LOL
Here are some of it..

#10. Us girls. SOME.

#11.Pearly and me.

And a whole loads more. You can see it here (clickable) at my facebook. See my crazy-ness.
Here's a sneak peak. LOL




Yee Xuen said...

wow..prawn Queen goes to me..hahaha...

Victoria said...

xuen:: yea you!!! hahaha hey people meet Prawn Queen! still single! hahahahhhhahahaha

amelia said...

wah~~~~ promoting yee xuan o.... EH EH i also SINGLE =P (so chiow lo) *fast fast hilang*

ftw said...

i spotted 1 more (@,@) this time around...guess who? hahahah

Victoria said...

ftw::my besttie??LOL
we are(@.@) family laa

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