Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Carol and Ninja Assassin

My title says it all wtf cause i am so lazy to think of either something funny or catchy title to make you all read this post and go "chehh" at the end of it.
This is a VERY outdated event.. A week back if i am not mistaken?

Christmas Carol

This!! Is the one and only movie that i was harping on and on to want to go watch no matter what, even if it storms or snow i will still die die go watch wtf. Though i know the story line and this is probably what everyone knows and hears every time this time of the year arrives. Some people even made sketch(don't know how to spell)during Christmas celebration to er.. remember to not over spend?LOL

Scrooge was Jim Carey, or is it Jim Carey as Scrooge?in this movie and i think that the animated Jim Carey as Scrooge somewhat portrays the real life Jim Carey as in his characters cause it is after all stared by Jim Carey! OKAY.. I am not retarded and i just want to show that I LOVE all movies by Jim Carey and his dog Milo wtf.

Ratings? Can i say something before that?
IF right, your English sucks like monkey ball(why always monkey's balls are to be blame?)or you just stepped out from China or you scored like 1 out of 10 during your kindergarten days, then i STRONGLY advice you to go watch WHERE GOT GHOST instead of this! LOL
5/10 (due to expected storyline, nothing special)

Ninja Assassin

Can i end this with the one word RAIN? LOL! Cause that is the ONE and ONLY main reason that made me "gian" to watch Ninja Assassin and was too harping to watch it. RAIN RAIN RAIN...
C'mon! How can you not LOVE this bodysexayliciously tall Korean dude with utterly SEXAY English accent!!

Since i am counted as one of Rain's gila fans.. so more picture of him NEEDS to be here wtf...

our tickets
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If it was not for Rain, i don't think this movie would ever cross my mind to even want to watch it cause the thing is i am not into ninjas and all i ever think about when i say "ninja" is Ninja Turtles wtf. And i don't believe in Ninja/s, though the whole black wardrobe are to die for! I ez can wear black all my entire life! RAAWWR! Excuse the Arab coverage on the face la, i want to show myprettyface LOL.

*harps on Rain's sexay bod*

Ratings.. erh~ It's actually too goey as in to much blood, to much body parts got cut into half and i totally go "WTF" when they can heal themselves even though they are cut and slaughtered like a big salmon on the bench wtf.
So yea 7/10? Cause i give face to Rain!?LOL

No laa.. You all should go watch it, very yea~

Both of the movies above are brought to us by

Muchas gracias..

and i don't think i will have the chance to watch both premiers if it wasn't for

my TOTALLY sexy chef, Samuel!
(see his eyes look like Rain WTF)
photos credits to Samuel
See his version of the premier here.
All this pictures are taken using Audrey's camera. Thanks love!


Seraph said...

my eyes sepet XD

loves u darl =)

Jacquelyn Ho said...

haha vic if i didnt see properly i would have tot ur hands were rabaing him :p

Victoria said...


jac::hahahahahah i also duno wat i was doing then i tot they take pix wont see my hand

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