Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Never Can Have Both

Last Sunday was our School of Business Studies's night, so to say Prom night. in which i had decided with besttie to at least go and support and it's because it's our last year there too. So we went. With respective partners.

From left to right
Amelia with her partner Steven and Me with ♥,Samuel.

Everyone was dressed up to the nine for this event and there are also a lot of people who are very under dressed and there are also some that are utterly over dressed which i think it is unappropriate and it did not match the Garden of Eden theme at all. It's all about sundress, summer clothes, sheer and pure whites and smart suave for he guys.

Oh wells, TARC tsk tsk..

Nothing much to be hoo haa about and so we camwhored but not much too cause there just ain't the mood for it anymore. We ended up walking around aimlessly most of the time, me and ♥ went out to get our food cause can you believe it! they had not enough of food! It's like they did 1000 tickets but only provide food for the 500 people. Awesome!*sarcasm*

Me looking short even with 4 inch with ♥ Samuel

Me with the very HAWT besttie, Amelia
Must credit my friend for the small small blue and red paper flowers cause it was very hard to fold and she has to fold like a thousand of them which is total madness and i would give up on my 20th flower wtf.

The night then ended with a short dance floor. And i think TARC student do not club or something cause they seemed to be like that the other night. Like total sua ku when hey dimmed the lights and bring on the music.
We then headed home with Samuel ♥ fetching me all the way back from Setapak to Cheras and then he goes back to Subang! Such big sacrifice for me!! TT_TT
♥ you Samuel!!!

Amelia spent the night at my house, chat a lot about everything and was off to bed at dusk damn fol!! And we had around 3 - 4 hours of sleep which is very the damn not enough laa~ As we have assignment presentation the other day too.

See the tired-ness within and with-out us wtf.


Seraph said...

dear its not a hassle for me kay?

love you lots =)

Victoria said...

sam::okay!! teehee! love you too.. and three lolwthhh

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