Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Baby Boy

No my mom is not pregnant and neither am I. The title above refers to my one and only younger baby brother(lol)whom has just finish his SPM and was so gian to go work. Not for experience but for the money cause he pennies-less like that after getting his spanking new RM3k HP(newest of the newest-est)desktop model.

Then broke to the max! LOL!

Something like this but i think this is like wert, 15 inches? His is 19 inches okay ftw..

Coincidentlyhe asked me to, I got my HP Pavillion DV2 laptop. So that made us like HP Pavillion edition freaks wtf.
Sooooo~ Today marks his third day of working and he totally got the "best gift" ever from the shop itself! LOL
*fml he don't let me take his picture*

Accordingly, he was moving stocks as he need to put them on higher grounds to make way for new incoming stocks. Then blablabla carrying up and down and all the stocks, heavy ones, and he was getting tired(tskk earning money not easy right!)and he ter-knock his leg to the metal pole and..
*larrh the web don't have legs bruises like my brother's so i have to draw wtf*

left is the before and right is the after
Really the bruise was as big as an egg cause we think he ter-knock his bone or something cause he is really damn thin la.. So kecian ~

Then i went and cupped his bruise and it fits well in my palm! LOL xD
For as long as i had work, never in my whole entire life i had gotten myself such "nice" bruise. Small ones, yes, BUT NOT AS BIG AS AN EGG LA!

Dasar baby boy. xD

p/s: this post is as random as it can be cause i wanna remember the days that my brother work so when he gets addicted to blogging and links me and reads my older post and sees this and then he will be either embarrassed hell, or he will just kill me! LOL


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