Monday, December 28, 2009

Silly Things We Do Together

Actually she is the silly one cause i don't do things like that! LOL
Took this on Christmas Eve and isn't she a whiner!..

Silly picture #1
"I want snow in Malaysia NOW! Cause it's gonna be Christmas like that"

Silly picture #2
"No snow but i let you see my snow-fair skin okay?! Don't cry, Merry Christmas"
*vain, sorry not nice skin LOL*

Silly picture #3
"yeayy! Snow fair skin also jadi laa~"

Silly picture #4
"see! i still know you best! *hugs*"


All the picture about has no connection at all and was taken on two different days and the story line is a total made up! Hahaha~ Just wanna post some pictures up, which i took myself as i just woke up and i took Amelia's*clickable*when we were very bored in the college.

That's when we finally saw a handsome young lad in OUR college. Happy to the max but 15 minutes later, some ugley looking biatch walked up to him and sat beside him.
His girlfriend. Kecian Amelia. LOL

Yeay! Christmas over! I had the best one this year! With my Bie of course and yes, i can't stop harping on it! You hate it? I DON'T CARE! LOL


Amelia said...

my face look so fat without my ""BEAUTIFUL"" hair la.... should send u the leng jai far far picture i took le... hehehe. then ppl can at least see the shadow of the leng jai~~~ lol

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