Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tumor Lizard

So OMFG sad okay when I just ate my lunch and i am happy and all and i wanted to go and wash the plates, then i saw this..


Cannot see nicely?


Nah! And I was reminded of my grandmother. Not that she looks like a lizard(wtf) and not that shes got a tumor(choi), but a kidney failure.
She has been eating healthily, living healthily, she even insisted of buying don't know what what curve pillow and that makes her sleep the healthy way too wtf.
But somehow one fine day her kidneys decided to stop working and she has to resort to dialysis T_T. GBU Po~

This lizard damn sad looking okay and it smelt like some rotten meat when I took pictures of it. Some what looks like it is rotting from the inside out, which is another added point of sadness.
Have you given a thought that animals are as really helpless as how we used to say that they are helpless?? i think its even more helpless than helplessly helpless punya helplessness wtf.

Humans cough, give medicine. Animals cough*if they do*, we*some*ignore thinking that they are trying to talk wtf.
Humans sneeze, give cold medicine. Animals sneeze*which they do, my turtle sneezes wtf*, we say "Ey so cute! Can sneeze!!*awe face*" and continued to hang the farktard awe face, all the while trying to poke the poor fella intending to make it sneeze again(wtf)cause they think it's cute.
Humans hungry, either we stuff ourselves silly or people stuffs us silly with fantabulous foods. Animals fhungry, humans continue making sex in the room wtf*this refers to my neighbour* -__-
Humans like omfg cold during rainy days, we hide inside our house our room our toilet surfing net*i do that wtf*.Animals which are kept outside even during rainy days, cold and scared, we humans continue surfing net while pooping in the "warm" surrounding.

And many more...

See! Animals damn helpless okay~ They cant like just stand up and say "Hey I am fucking hungry okay Feed me can!", neither can they just flings out their claw like Wolverine and unlocks the cage and then runs away. And Ninja Turtles with the Master Splinters are just purely good awesome craps. If real turtles can ninja fight, then I can give birth to a dog wtf.

Point is...


this is sad. The lizard walked away from the previous place it were laying as in the picture above and it stopped there. Right at the cliff of my sink. It looks like some humans wanna jump of the building cause life is so miserable like that.

Not sad to you? Cause you don't bother like that? So fuck off.
Cause i feel sad and i feel for animals and i would like to help them in any way i could.
I don't only mean help through organizations, i meant like daily.
Even it's just a lizard.

p/s::i don't know how to help a tumor-ed lizard so i just open the window for it to go out. Hope it is safe out there. cause it looks like it wanna go out. So sad.


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