Friday, December 18, 2009

What is VOX?

It has been 1 - 2 years(cant remember) since I started blogging and the reason that sits a place in derives from my own expressive character, the willingness and wants to share my thoughts and live and most importantly, the love of writing.

As some of you that might or might not know, I was one lucky person out of the 2837495 people in Malaysia to be selected for the National Service together with the other 265738 people that was selected.(fake stats) Hesitant was what i felt when days are drawing closer to where i have to move out of my comfort zone and into some farktard places, so ulu even when i google it shows "USE GPS LA, WHY ASK ME I DONO!" wtf(just joking, Google sure know cause awesome like that).

*wah! I am using friendster now to get my NS pictures for you all!* *teary eyes*
*wah i was so fugly! NS suck abit cause make up not allowed! LOL*

So while i twitch and beautify the pictures a lil, the reason above all the existence on my blog is cause i wanna share to all that NS IS OMFG AWESOME! You get selected, you should go! Despite all the ulu-ness, the boring-ness which leads me to think of a blog url, blog name and user name! LOL
*from left to right*
Now says who NS has no pretty gurlscough, my Alpha gangs! Yes! I am Apha yo!, (last picture)2 out of the 400+ friends.

and more friends!
People posted here brings certain meaning in my life so yea~ LOL

VOX means Voice of Expression!

You must have think, shouldn't it be VOE?
In which if i think you thought that, then you're on your way to retardness cause not only that sounds stupid, it looks stupid. We pronounce E.X.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N as X.pression right?! Now don't you come and tell me you pronounce it EE.X.pression, and i shall slap the hell
senses outta you!

Up to this part, there should be a mutual understanding that the only reason that made me start blogging is this awesome one lifetime experience i was given by the government, to experience life in the military AND I HELD AND USED A M16!! You hold before or not?? You use before or not?? You SEE it in REAL LIFE before or not???? *flicks hair* LOL
Seriously, we have all the rights to be proud of what we do there cause you all don't know shit on what we ate and on what we slept on. Oh, let's not go to the toilet.-_________-

And now that the good ol' NS life has ended and i think this is my second time posting a post on it, my life has become dull, more dull than the waters in the Klang river, than the toilet that has not been flush for weeks LOLWTF. xD
Thus the lack of updates! TADAH! Conclusion. The End. No recommendation wtf.

*assignments just gets the worst outta me*


Melting Ice Cream said...

wirawati Victoria Poh! hahaha

Victoria said...

Yu Liang:: yupyuppp~ Wirawati Alpha!
Eh i Ketua okay! Ketua Dorm LOLWTF xD

Melting Ice Cream said...

ahahhaha... nice? have "fun" rite? LOL!!!
lansi ppl that u use m16.. LOL!!!
hhhmm.. which campsite u went?

Victoria said...

yuliang:: LOL it WAS fun laa~(no sarcasm)
I went to Camp Geo Cosmo near Behrang, Kuala Kubu Bahru.
*to all guys out there!*


Himmat Singh said...

Hey hello. Clicked ur ads- google ads too. Have a nice day.

Melting Ice Cream said...

nice header!! gahahaha...

yea.. i noe it was fun.. AWESOMELY fun!! hahaha...

ur campsite in selangor?

yeah lar.. i use before okay? ;p stupid gun with 25 bullet instead of 30.. damn it.. -.-

but better then other frens.. oni got 12 =.=|||

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