Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still Amazed


I rather paint my nails then to study fml or not?
Amazed by my well defined procrastination and tender juicy laziness or no??!

Well i am.
Small exam this Wednesday and i have not start studying yet.
And am starting this small little business with the bestie out of the love for shopping! Teehee! Come and support okay?

You scream M.A.C, I scream M.A.C inspired!!
Well, nothing wrong having inspired goods cause they works just as well as the so-called original ones too. Some "original" goods company too had their companies and manufacturing factories located at China, so it's China made goods?
You all can come to here to check it out and you can add me.

Jeng jeng jeng sneakpeak..

*can get discount. terms and condition applied*


teetoo said...

yes, amazed n a bit of cakap tak serupa bikin post...hahahaha

p/s: who said "i camwhore very the super less this days cause busy like ant wtf"?.

Victoria said...

teetoo::what tak serupa bikin??tsktsk.. i camwhore less but not NEVER camwhore.LOL

BL@CK DR@GON said...

hey dun worry... as long as u dun take ne tension or ne thing... u will do fine... nd perhaps more than jst fine in exams... :) no matter u study or not... :) ^_^

Anonymous said...

eh..eh....since u already use ur hand to cover ur face, then u should just use that debaichilization post ma....by putting ur hand upside down covering ur face Muhahahahahahaha

Victoria said...

er so ure saying that i baichi la??swt

Victoria said...

er so ure saying that i baichi la??swt

Anonymous said...

lol no la~~~where got hehehe

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