Friday, December 25, 2009

Victoria's Christmas Eve at Victoria's Station

No no no I don't own a station xD

Spent my Eve with my bie, Samuel and he even made the initiative to drive all the way from Subang to my college which is *erhem* at Setapak to pick me up for plans ahead. Had no idea where would i be going for dinner and what he had planned, he just said "Dress nicely arr" wtf.

FYI, I dress nicely okay~I do not dress like some lala girl mahupun like some geek kthxbai.

Baby and I, Bie in tux and me in er onesexypiece.? xD
Yea yea you always see me in black cause I love black! Blek~

Then another thing that he kept saying was "730 dinner okay.." which is not even in a question form. Which can only mean that he BOOKED some place some where. Dress nice nice which only means some atas place. Which is Victoria Station.

We were there around 7.35p.m, super on time and Samuel asked for our booked seats and his name wasn't written on the booking list. And they transferred us to the upper deck, which according to Samuel, we weren't be getting much attention. -__-
True enough, cause we WERE NOT getting any at all and was ignored like farks!
*lau niang tahan-ed like hell to not shoot 9 them pfft*

This came after 5 minutes our orders were taken.
Supposed to serve us one perplate and one butter perbun, but this newbie server served us double of what they are supposed to serve. Another server passed by, saw and smiled wtf.
Maybe lau niang too pretty so they kan cheong-ed and served double portion! LOL

Like how we used to learn during out ERT (Economi Rumah Tangga) subjects during secondary, drinks were to be serve first above all, and our drinks came last of all. Samuel ordered beef and he wants it with wine, but the wine did not come so as my drink.
The food came cold, which I distaste most, and bie had to wait for so long for his wine. So obviously his beef cooled off too -___-... I think we called like 3 - 4 people and some i even recalled wtf and the wine did not come. How hard is it to open a bottle and pour the damn wine into the cup laa~~ Kena ignored like hell...

Bie nom-ing his bread, all the while teaching me food history and food stuffs. I love it when he does that. xD Makes me realized that there are loads to learn, equally means I am quite ignorant laa~ LOL.

Here is me "helping" myself with the Station's mirror, admiringchecking out my hair and being vain while waiting for the main course to be serve.

We waited for quite some time for our food and it did not come in hot punya just-cooked hot -_-.

Samuel's food, Beef something something *shy* There, the ignorant side of me, I don't know what is the name. Beef Tenderloin or something xD

And here is my Curvan Salmon & Grilled Lamb. See i can remember mine cause er er I am the one eating it?! LOL wahh ignorant proof number 2!

After the wine and my Mango something*i order mango juice everywhere i go fml*came, we noms and Samuel had more wine! LOLs cause his church member came with the family and brought their own wine. Fuuhh Atas people xD And i admire the Uncle's straight-forwardness and strictness. Everytime he called the server, he is sure to sound em' off for the poor service and the lack of attention that they are receiving, cause like us, they too booked a place but were transferred to the upper deck.

Since the initial plan to The Opera cannot make it, Bie and I went to The Summit to watch Sherlock Holmes.
And what made me felt Christmas was the carols in front of the cinema.. Reminds me of my then times when i was still so excited for church and my burning soul for God, and i celebrated Christmas with cell group members.

While walking in, some uncle was saying "whats with all this caroling in front of the cinema?! Now they are spoiling my cinema experience".
Like HELLO!! it is Christmas and the uncle sounded like this is his first time watching a show in the cinema. Please.. you can hear nothing from the outside when the door is blardy close and the movie starts, you cant even hear a thing even though some one is doing sex beside you, okay grumpy Uncle.
Cant help but to turn around and stared at his grumpiness. Like Scrooge wtf.

Overall, I had an awesome time spent with Samuel and I like his plannings cause at first he asked whether have i been to Taipan before. I thought Taipan was a makan place, which it is laa but it is also a name for the place*i din noe laa* then suddenly he lead me into Victoria's Station =)
I asked "what! we are really going in there?!" and pulled back abit wtf sorry bie, I terkejut cause i thought you were jokingly leading me into the place i vainly said mine. Hahahaha~

My Christmas present from him.

Samuel is full of surprises really, I think can get heart attack every time things don't turned out as i predict. I predict cause he don't tell, okay i make assumptions too LOL.. Cause i made assumption that he will get me a Mickey Mouse or anything that is related and I find this bear very cute and nice as it is all woven! *loves*

I spent my Eve with someone dear to me, so how did you spent yours?

p/s: to people with full of spirit of giving, you can give your gifts to me, the one filled with the spirit of receiving! LOL


Chris Thoo said... nais...
but why did sam look like an uncle in the 3rd photo...

Victoria said...

Chris :: LOL wtf!!! er sorry i took wrong picture, i terambik the uncle behind wtf...

Amelia said...

ooo service bad o?? so unlucky, maybe a lot ppl, that day i go service quite good and got a lot attention

Victoria said...

amelia:: yea too many people. he also said the last time he went, it was okay. Festive season loo~ said...

i spent my Christmas with my whole gang of friends cuz no gf haha....

nanged you. Nang this to know the empowered youths!!! TQ!

Baby said...

why didn't you complain to the supervisor about your dissatisfactions? i mean we are customers, if we are not satisfy, we can complain right?

LeneLene said...

Nanged! I went there during last year's Christmas. Their service isn't that bad, but the quality of the food served are worse than the normal day you go to. Anyway, it's so nice to be able to spend Christmas with someone you love ^^

Simon Seow said...

Taipan's Victoria's Station huh. Next time got try the one in Damansara Heights, it's nicer.

Victoria said...

iyouweblog::awww so kecian anyways Merry Christmas

Baby::its been long time since u come to my blog hor~ heh
no people round there for us to complain at all. all so busy.

Lene::food quality wise its okay wor and yes merry Christmas to u!

Simon:: yeayea taipan punya.. huhu Merry Christmas to u!

Charles said...

Your Bie is indeed very nice to u...

Victoria said...

Charles: heh! he is! and im one lucky gal! ^^

~ Xi@nG~ said...

I think festive season,everywhere same service wan lar....Dont demand too much! haha....The bear cute leh...I join in to choose wan leh!

Victoria said...


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