Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Fungus Story

Once there was this young girl who care less about anything except her Taekwondos and Judos. She practices day and night in order to get to where she had always dreamed of being. She looks up to her senior sisters. Being a sports person who care less on how the way she dress, which is obviously tomboyish, she couldn't care even more less about a skirt. Fidgeted just by hearing the word S.K.I.R.T. Neither does she care on how her skin looks like and will reject anything that sounds girly or near girly.

Okay la~ The girl was me JENGJENGJENG. and yes, i was very tomboyish and reckon there are still people who says that I am still chor lor(rough). As in not girly girl girl enough but wtf I DON'T CARE.
And oh, I did achieved my dreams.*erhem* Proud 3rd year Taekwondo Black Belt holder and was the runner up for the Korean Championshipwhich i paid rm500 one okay wtf not cheap my dreams

When sheokay i know the "she" thingie very annoying although you all know its me but like this sounds mysterious ma wtfget hold of her dreams and age caught up on her, she transformed from a tomboyugly duckinto a real girlbitch. Means she really wanna take care of her skin and whatnots laa..


The above cute white thing was introduced to her by her mum.
yes i am still being mysterious lolwtf
So she had been having that for years now and she totally have nicegreatskin. Like this!


If not nice then erhemshutupokay loo~ LOL But please ignore the eyebags... College la kan~ LOL

And by all means, do you all know what is the white thing above? Cause i am dumb like that laa~ i don't know. I just simply eat cause mum say it's damn good for my skin and will make me fairer wtf. And i googled, NO SUCH THING as make me fairer weh! LOL Got conned fer don't know how many donkey years of my life.

Awhile ago, I was having this cup of goodness that i was conned to drink fer years which eventually gave me nice skin and yes i can talk without full stop for 10 paragraphs and you will think that i am annoying but actually I have got a lot to say till i am outta breath which is like now la hor *gaaaaaasssssps*

My cup of goodness as i can't take milk T___T
The WHITE FUNGUS(the one i got conned to eat), red dates and GINSENG! OMFG I love GINSENG*capslockcapslockcapslocklocklock* xDD

Then i texted Samuel saying "I'm eating this chinese thing(lol) blablablabla you-don't-nid-to-know-the-rest-of-our-talk."LOL
I feel bad cause this white fungus had serve me great skin fer years laa so i took up the initiative to Twitpic it and asked what is it called...

So gonna stuff my bie to drink it lol but i don't know how to make it to the cup of goodness i just drank! LOL failed~


Calvin said...

Ooh. I have to drink and eat those too.

... does that mean I'm on my way to being girly? )=

Victoria said...

calvin:: no ure not! guys are suppose to take care of their skin too~ taking care skin doesnt mean u will turned into a girly girl laa~ LOL

Anonymous said...

CHIO BU LA U!!!!! be tahan!! ARRR MY EYES~~~eye pain..pain.....T__T

Seraph said...

LOL i dont like to eat this thing XD

Victoria said...

Amelia:: LOL bluekkk!! I only learn from the best *looks at you*

Seraphsam::wheee~ then no nice skin fer u hmpft~

TOLANIC said...

Is that pomelo?

Victoria said...

tolanic::NO!!!! It is not pamelo la wtfff!! cant u not see the title and the other comments??!! LOL omfg so funneyy!!

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