Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Imma Beast When You Turn Me On

The title has got nothing to do with this post, it's just a song that I am currently listening to.

On the 4th of April marks the day Wai Chun Momo-san(no he is not Japanese wtf) is born, whom had a great and sporting mum, whom threw a 20th birthday celebration for him at The Opera, Sunway. I know, WHAT THE FUCK right?! I also want that kind of a mother, sporting to the max.

Mr Wai Chun Momo-san
Is that his real name? LOL

On Facebook, he asked me to come along as well, with Samuel and he told me that he will be opening 24 bottles of liqour! Yes, 24 opened and all drank and this birthday boy including my own boyfy got drunk to the max. Such influence liquor had on people wtf xD

Toast! With the group before only the two girls are perfectly fine xD
Spot me spot me !

My boyfy in white and his bestest friend and me, red as a lobster. Yea, liquor and me not very good friends together, I am allergic to them and they give me rashes.

With Joshua's girlfriend, Esther! She is cute and loud, aku suka! xD
And that Dunhill on my face is meant to reflect the redness on me wtf Hahahahaha~
No, I am not drunk at all!

Us again. All this pictures are taken when they are all sober =)

With Charlie and Chung =)
I looked like a puffed up hammie lol and this is the first time going to a club with no make up on! Cause I had and am still having this super duper big and horrible zit on my nose, in which i had no intention of covering it up wtf.

I love this group of people, kawkaw =)

That is like the 3 bottles out of the 27497 bottles that are gonna be open wtf xD
I love Black Label. Vodka, me no likey...

Then there were no more nice decent pictures of us and the group cause all was either too high or mad drunk lol. They flamed a Lamborghini, tower high and birthday boy had it with er someone that I don't know of.

It was an awesome night cause I get to see my boyfy's drunkard face wtf, such joy! LOL


TOLANIC said...

You looks so red =)

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