Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hey There!!=p

Sorry that i have not been posting for quite sometime.Anyway,was very busy with college life and do not really have the time to blog.This few days ny mind is only stuck to college stuffs,nothing much to blog about really.Went for KK ministry today but i will blog bout that later.
Anyway,God bless you all and please comments after reading my blogs!!Everything is acceptable,everything and everyone!!
Sunday, May 25, 2008

A New Day + A New World=)

As usual,went to church early in the morning,no,today go Flamingo Hotel because today is the combined service for our church.Nothing special today that happen in my life except that i went for my neighbor's daughter's engagement ceremony.
That is what i meant in my title above!She,named kak Nor or as that is how we called her had her big day today,or should i say her pre big day!!Lol~Kak Nor aged 22 is only older than me by four years had decided to go for pertunangan with her four years steady boyfriend.Hm~she was so pretty!!Well,gudluck for her and i wish her all the happiness in this world!!May God bless her in this new marriage life and may she live prosperously with her beloved ones!!AMEN!!
Friday, May 23, 2008

Way Better!!=)

Yesterday and today was way better than the 1st two days!!Lol~Yesterday i sat at the lrt for more than one hour because i did not want to be at college that early and i ended up boarding a train which is darn pack with people all rushing to work!Anyway,i need to get use to that since i am going to be using the lrt for the next four years~weee~~Lol~Yesterday was Society Day whereby we can use unlimited society clubs to join that is offered at TARC.Me and Viv joined the Christian Fellowship Society(CF) and the Music Society.Later on yesterday we went to the canteen 2 to watch band performance performed by none other than our very own ian and his college band as they were the ex-TTN winner!WEE~~
And as for today,waited for marie in the morning to drive to ian's so that we are able to go to TARC together.Had our breakfast at BRJ(duno long form,itz some mamak stall)and there to fulfill my longing for roti canai!!Hahaha...Hadn't had that for the last 3 months till today!!Muahahahaha!!!Satisfied at last!!Lol~~Had a great time sitting down together again with ian,vivian and marie and had a great laugh together like how we used to do at our Cheras Lifegroup.Then ian dropped us at our respective lecture classes and both of them went to the nearest Old Town to kill time while waiting for us.By the time we ended(kesian em la~~waited 4 hours!)they look so fed up but still ian JIE-JIE~~brought us to the Noodle House to have our lunch.That place rocks man~no tax charged and the foods are delicious-soo~~and are at affordable prices!!Really recommend the place to other people!
Later on,went back to class for our 2nd session.Ms Patricia is a real bombshell and a real cool yet cute lecturer and Mr Gary Seach is really cute with perfect English-speaking(guess hz lk a banana lk me!!Lol)
Now i have two days of rest before i start my lecture classes next monday.Can't wait!!=p
Hope it is going to be a blast!!=D
Ok~~i know i had already crap alot!!Lol~~
God Bless You All!!Wait for my next blog yea?!Chiowz~
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Changes~~

Today is the second day at TARC and obviously it is the second day of my orientation week.
Like it is stated in the title above,there is still no changes of my feeling and the impression that TARC gave to me and that is boring and a-waste-of-time-being-there!!
Went out at 7 today with fwenz yet being my driver still~~Lol~got stuck at the super duper massive traffic jam at unexpected place where usually not even a fly can be seen so of course and obviously it
kacau-ed our superly planned timing.Waited for the next fifteen minutes at the railway station(ktm to be exact)wasn't a prob at all!!The prob and the most annoying part is~~when the train did came after lk..wat..feels lk an hour,we cant even get half of our foot in!!Mind our whole body!!!

So~~cant do anything ma~~waited for another donkey 15min lur~~pissed off is what i can expressed for this morning!!Atlast managed to slipped ourself into the 2nd train and the time was lk 8.30(class start 9~)Sure late la~~then when we reach sentral,one of my fwenzmoney was sucked up by the darn machine(as if we got time for that)and no ticket was given!!So,another hustle to get the tics at sentral~~when on the monorel it was lk around 9!!At this point we dunt really cared bout being late ny more cuz we are and then we started to think of excuse lur~~watelse~~LOL~~real lame ones and im prohibited to reveal it to readers!!LOL~
When reached TARC,we dint dare to enter the class and my class is so darn far!!After a quick rest and managed to gather enuf courage(or i forgot to include that i saw ian while resting at the canteen 2)we proceed to our own respective classes.Me,nid to walk lk one thou miles away and by the time i found my class i was sweating lk shit cuz walk damn fast under scorching sun!!
Then when i finally entered the class,i was scared to death when one of my secondary senior was actually sitting thr(i dint aspected to bump into somone i neu)n i dint c him and he called my name out loudly!!DARN IT!!Guess he was excited to see me too!!LOL!!Felt relieved once i saw him cuz "IM NOT ALONE!!"
Then ended up at Times Square and teman-ded my guy friends to go shopping!!Hahahah!!Biggest joke ever!!I have never teman my guy friends to go shopping before and believe me gurls,they are no different than us!!Except that they dunt squeal and start jumpping around in happiness when they managed to buy something that they had always wanted to buy,they just stay cooool...Lol~!!But i had a great day though shoppin with them eventhough they went back 1st leaving me alone waiting for my mum that seems like ages!!
Guess thatz all frm me today,gt TARC waiting for me tomorrow!!Weee~~Excited~~Wow~~
Do you feel the irony of it~~I LURVE TARC~~NOT!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New School,New Life~

Today is the starting day of my college life.Got abit exited in the morning but the nervous-ness started to enfold me as the time neared 12.30(the time my friend came to pick me).I really do not know where and why the nervous feeling suddenly appeared but it soon faded away when my friends do stupid jokes in the car while on our way there!!
Maybe it is because i am afraid to be unable to cope with college life/maybe with the course that i have chosen!!I am not the business type of person!!Never really care bout business till now actually!!Was actually interested in mass communication!HAIZ~WTH!!

When we reach there they was a big crowd of ppl who obviously reached there earlier than us and mind you all that we are not late,we are just on time(those ppl over excited)=p
Saw some unkeen to see school friends,meet one NS friends and that is Pay Teng.
Later we were divided into guys and gals to be given our files and separated with fwenz lur~Sat wit Pay Teng but still it was a boring session of ppl talking infront and us nodding off in silence(sleeping lar~watelse!!)
They kept calling us freshies and i really hate the note that they use when they say "FRESHIES".It sounded like they want to bully us or something!!Hate it lur~
We just sat and sat and sat and...did i mention sat??
Thatz wat we just did at orientation today!!
Later they divided into our respective course and we were brought to tour our campus and to let us noe where E-COMMERCE AND MARKETING class should be.We walk for quite a distance and all they did was just read sumthg out of the bulletin that they passed to us earlier on!!WHAT THE....LAME...!!!Then we just dismissed!!SWT-NYA~
Haiz~lil'disappointed and it wasn't how i aaspect it to be!!
Well,tmr itz gonna be a long day again so...gta go nw!!God Bless All Of You!!Chiowz!!

Animal Skinning In China!

This is so unbelievable!!Hitting seals as sports in Canada and now skinning animals alive in China??!!!What is wrong with the humans in this world!Is this world coming to an end for this mindless people to behave in such a manner worst than a beast!!
Please check out the link above and see what cruelty this people always have in mind in order to satisfy their own pleasure~

This are just some of the pictures shown on the website but all of you should really visit the site to discover unimaginable cruelty!!
I unashamedly say that i cried through out the whole video that they post on the web to create awareness to people from all around the world!!Please leave your comments after you have read this post and to those that might have an idea to help..PLEASE...Do your thing and help those animalSS!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

What Happened??

Hey!!Sorry that i haven been posting for the past 5 days!!
Hm..I went for church today and had a great surmon which is very useful and it was entitled
'Living In The Last Day With Christ".
Pastor Chin taught us how to live the last days in Christ...Later on,sent my aunt back and went to Jusco to get some pens and notebooks for my preparation to TARC.
Yesterday,my aunt and family went to Nishii Sushi to have my long-life longing for sushi and was kind of disappointed!Ate salmon teriyaki instead of real sushi!!!Had one/two piece ny!!
HAIZ...WATEVF!!And meet some lengzai there making sushi behind counter!!How hot N hunky!!!LOL!!
The day before that i went for a hair cut,like real short,no pix thou but il upload it soon!!Jz wait!!
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memoirs Of National Service~

Haha~this might look like i have nothing else better to blog but actually i wanted to share with all of you my memoirs when i was in Kem Geo Kosmo..Yup...That is the name for my NS site..The name sounds lame and the place is kinda lame...

But never the less,as a city girl,the sceneries in that kampung area really takes my breath away especially during wee hours.The weather in KKB is really really differ from the weather here in KL.I only took a picture of this place and there is no other.
During my days there,i met this group of girls that really click well with me and we practically go everywhere and do everything together.We,unashamedly name ourself "THE 38 GANG"!!LOL...I gue
ss you all know what that means..

Yup,u guess it right..that's us..all six of us..All equally so chic..=p This gang or should i say group of girls are unashamed to be who their are,each with a differ personality yet each of them are unique in their own manner=) That is what makes us like real siblings,WE BOND...WELL...=) is us again..we camwhore at the DEWAN MAKAN Letz see more wackiness from us!!Thatz why i adore and luv em so much!!=)

Emma and Pui San posing in dorm.

Lenglui's...All available!!=p

Peggy and emma

I LURVE this pix!!

All doing naughty faces!!!LOL...

We are just chilling while waiting 4 event to start..
Meanwhile..we camwhore samooo...LOL..=p

Durind the six days holidays,most of us go back and will never return to the camp anymore and that is the end of our NS and our fun time together with our beloved friends and those teachers that we loved and admired.Here are pix of those who went back early...(took pix with me,ofcuz, will be seeing alot of ME..=P)




And lotz more lar~You all see 4 urself,ok..

Meanwhile there are also other friends that aren't from around kl area.

FERRY!!(the 3rd from left)
The cutest girl from sabah that i met at NS is none other than our cute yet strict penghuluwati,RINIE!!She is one of my best budd that cried crazily when i told her i am going back for good..HAIZ~I miss her~

Nevertheless, i am glad that i am released early(release sounds lk animal!!lol)so that i can continue and further my studies at TARC!!=)
Besides,i met a few friends that will be goin to the same college with me AND...HERE THEY ARE!!TARC HERE WE COME!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Early this morning i received an awful heartbreaking yet disgusting email from a friend of mine.Regarding some brainless people and yes..i am regarding to those canadians who make hitting seals as a SPORTS??!!Don't they have anything better to do?!
If all of you readers out there would just take a good look of the seal here on my left...Itz just a baby and arent it cute!! you..or at least can you all imagine what does it look like when those cute seals have been hit with steels and hard objects and are hit to their own deaths!!

Letz look at the picture of them after being tortured!!

Do they even look like those cute seals now!!What do you all felt when you saw this heart rending pictures...

I do not even know whether this is a spillt head or body!!How cruel!!
Do you all want to see more of the cruelty??!!
Here's more...

Dead bodies of those lovely seals all around north pole!!Not so 'lovely' anymore,ey..

Thousand of seals die every single day and this do not help in anything except to extint them in a faster pace than anyone could think of!!Lets see pictures of some brainless people caught redhanded doing cruel and pschyo activities!!

Do you all see and can you all feel how and what i felt this morning when i saw all this madness!!How cruel!!Beating them up as sports is totally maniac but this...LOOK..tying them and beating them up!!This helpless creatures do not even have the 1% percentage to run away or at least to protect themselves from being shove and hit by those maniacs!!

Can you all feel the sadness and the loneliness that this young seal are going through when it sees the heap and piles of those dead seals and are it's family members??!!
I wonder what will you all do and how will all of you react when one of your family member,with no sickness in body,living live healthily are beat to death right infront of your eyes with no any reason at all...How would you all feel...

Please...Someone...Do something to stop all this craziness...
They(seals)also have their rights to live on this planet earth created not by human but by God!!
So...Who are those humans to take and decide when and how those seals should live and die...
Please hear their cry for help and help them fast before our next generation ask us this..' does seals look like?'
This is an awareness that everyone should be aware of and take action now!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another year...

Today is the day where all my National Service friends will bw going back into the camp to continue their service for the nation.Part of me felt being left out and wants to go back with my friends to continue to have more fun and more time to be together.Another part of me am thrilled because my NS journey has ended and i need not to suffer the unclean food,the ever 'wonderful' bathrooms,those 'breath-taking' and 'harsh' activities,and the no-time-to-nap policy..
I would definitely miss the times we had there and also several close friendship that had manage to be bond during the one and a half month stay there.But...Life must still go on no matter how hard it is to leave those sweet memories behind..
Today is also the day whereby one of my friend from NS is going to celebrate his 18 years old birthday..CHIN...YOU ARE GETTING OLD!!LOL...I should be happy for him and this should be a reason for me to stay happy today..nevertheless,there is another reason for me to stay sorrow for today..BECAAAUUUSE....Today is also the memorial day for my one year and a half passed away grandmother..Yes...time flies and it has been more than a year since you left us,not getting the chance to see me getting my SPM results,to see me became dark like charcoal after my NATIONAL SERVICE..LOL..
Anyways...Like i said..we should enjoy every day of our life and live life with no regrets!!
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Someone sent me this today to describe the word MOTHER:
To me the sender is so true about all the describition above because no can be the best motivater except for mothers when we are in times of trouble,sadness,anger ar even in times of happiness!!Mothers always have those miracle and magic words whereby it can give us not only strength but at times it motivates us to produce more ideas and thus we are able to fight through our obstacles safely with a sound wisdom.I remember once when my granma passaway and the year after that was my spm year.That incident had a great effect on me whether in my studies or my sense of was those miraculous wors that has been splurged on me that gave me the courage to work harder and to drive my mind away from the sadness that i am facing.
The word onlyone is way to powerful to be use unattentively...Teenagers especially uses this word for their couple such as "ure the onlyone for me...".It is very wrong and mothers will fell crush when they heard their child using that word to their love ones instad towards them...So...say that only to your mothers,ok you readers out there!!
no one except mother can give us their unselfish and everlasting truelove so readers outhr love em wit al ur heart!!
Saturday, May 10, 2008

Glad to be chilling at house

hm..after one and the half months of staying at my camp and fulfilling the national service,there are alot of things that i miss and those things can't be replaced because what's pass will always remains as a passby..
if you readers out there does not know what i meant then i will reveal some of my life routines to you peeps out there=p on every single saturday,i have never ever missed(since i know how to walk properly lar) out going to or rather accompany my mother to our nearby morning market to do our grocery for the rest of the week...but since i have been to ns,i had missed out 5 times accompanying my lonely mom to the market and that really put me into alot of guilt!!LOL...silly me right...
but this morning i have regain my 'job' and that is to be the body guard of my mom and to accompany her to do her grocery!!LOL...nothing special for today(well at least for now).
gonna sign off now..glad that i can attend my church tommorom after missing it for 5 times during ns and im sorry to say that the slim river church that i went during ns was a waste of my time because no good sermons was delivered and all the pastor did was lullably-ed us to sleep with his 'menacing' voice and his 'great' sense of humour which always brings chills down my bone!!
hahahahahah...thats the chicky side of victoria that you do not see often!!anyway,leave comments after reading my blog and shoot me in the face or rather at my blog comment cause i am open to any comment whether bad or good!!=D chiowz for now!!
Friday, May 9, 2008

A Day Full With Joy And Hope!!

Today was an enjoyable day that i will never forget as long as i live!!D 1st day outing with my clse national service friends!!thou some did not turn up but never the lest it was fun and we enjoyed each others company!we went to times square and then to sungai wang which is boring for me because i don't suite that kinda place and it's always full and pack with sweat smelling people!!i agreed to follow em to the people-pack place is just to satisfy one of my friend that has this longin to go there to buy bags and clothings...but when we were half way there,she turned direction to low yat without even telling the rest of the 'troupes' and bought her so call'needed' and 'emergency'thumbdrive.what realy pissed me off is that we are out today with the purpose of temaning her for the last time b4 she's leaving for matrix at malacca(which make us least to meet)Because of her,our group ended up spilliting into 4 groups!!That realy realy boils my blood!!haiz...Gud deeds are never replaced back with gudwill...
After a whole day of bonding together before we go back to our hometown and some will be going...should i say sent back to"HELL",i felt that this bunch of us should do more than having a gatherin and walking around aimlessly if we are intending the friend relationship bond to be a stronger!! Anyway,today is always better than the day evry single day to the max!!laterz!!

Unpredictablity Is A Game Plan Of The World!

1st and foremost..i wanted to say that i am realy realy happy that have finish up my national service in such a short period of time!!All thanks to my mum thou!!Yesterday was the best day of my whole entire 18 years old life(at the beginning),then when we are about to be released back into civilization,we got to know that one of our close friend(at least she's close and dear to me)will be 'staying' there for the rest of her entire 'life'....never had the chance to see her family anymore,never got to experience life after secondary school anymore,never got to make new friends anymore...To those that are from Kem Geo Kosmo...our friend..Choo Hui Min,will forever n ever be in our memory!!T.T
Life is never ever in the control of our god created hands..we are only created to flow with the decisions that the HANDS ABOVE decides.Unpredictablity is what i name my page because you'l never know what's going to happen to you,your family and even to your friends when the next sunrise appears!!So i urge all you readers out there to be well aware of the people around you and not to take lightly of the relationship that has been bonded no matter in a day time,a week time,a month time or even in a year time...
Yesterday wasnt a great day that i cant give title to...i would say that it is a moderate yet shocking day....Life Must Go On...=D
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