Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Carol and Ninja Assassin

My title says it all wtf cause i am so lazy to think of either something funny or catchy title to make you all read this post and go "chehh" at the end of it.
This is a VERY outdated event.. A week back if i am not mistaken?

Christmas Carol

This!! Is the one and only movie that i was harping on and on to want to go watch no matter what, even if it storms or snow i will still die die go watch wtf. Though i know the story line and this is probably what everyone knows and hears every time this time of the year arrives. Some people even made sketch(don't know how to spell)during Christmas celebration to er.. remember to not over spend?LOL

Scrooge was Jim Carey, or is it Jim Carey as Scrooge?in this movie and i think that the animated Jim Carey as Scrooge somewhat portrays the real life Jim Carey as in his characters cause it is after all stared by Jim Carey! OKAY.. I am not retarded and i just want to show that I LOVE all movies by Jim Carey and his dog Milo wtf.

Ratings? Can i say something before that?
IF right, your English sucks like monkey ball(why always monkey's balls are to be blame?)or you just stepped out from China or you scored like 1 out of 10 during your kindergarten days, then i STRONGLY advice you to go watch WHERE GOT GHOST instead of this! LOL
5/10 (due to expected storyline, nothing special)

Ninja Assassin

Can i end this with the one word RAIN? LOL! Cause that is the ONE and ONLY main reason that made me "gian" to watch Ninja Assassin and was too harping to watch it. RAIN RAIN RAIN...
C'mon! How can you not LOVE this bodysexayliciously tall Korean dude with utterly SEXAY English accent!!

Since i am counted as one of Rain's gila fans.. so more picture of him NEEDS to be here wtf...

our tickets
<3 style="text-align: left;">
If it was not for Rain, i don't think this movie would ever cross my mind to even want to watch it cause the thing is i am not into ninjas and all i ever think about when i say "ninja" is Ninja Turtles wtf. And i don't believe in Ninja/s, though the whole black wardrobe are to die for! I ez can wear black all my entire life! RAAWWR! Excuse the Arab coverage on the face la, i want to show myprettyface LOL.

*harps on Rain's sexay bod*

Ratings.. erh~ It's actually too goey as in to much blood, to much body parts got cut into half and i totally go "WTF" when they can heal themselves even though they are cut and slaughtered like a big salmon on the bench wtf.
So yea 7/10? Cause i give face to Rain!?LOL

No laa.. You all should go watch it, very yea~

Both of the movies above are brought to us by

Muchas gracias..

and i don't think i will have the chance to watch both premiers if it wasn't for

my TOTALLY sexy chef, Samuel!
(see his eyes look like Rain WTF)
photos credits to Samuel
See his version of the premier here.
All this pictures are taken using Audrey's camera. Thanks love!
Monday, November 23, 2009

Is It Time of The Year?

For loads of shopping, for the loads of holidays that awaits, for the loads of events, for the loads of meeting up with friends for holidays, for Christmas?!!

I don't know about you all, but i am very very excited and am counting the days till it's Christmas!! Wheee~
As for now, i will be hugging onto my loads of assignments, online quizzes that are amounting, the notes that i need to study and memorize, the papers that i would need to resit... Till it's December.
Should be all cleared by December.
And college is evil! College gives me stress. College gives me pimples. College gives me uneven skin tone. College gives me panda eyes wtf. College gives me bad and lazy lecturers. College limits my going - out time with loved ones. College is not as fun as people(seniors)said it was because it's either you do badly in academics but you're very active with the college's events or vice versa. I am the vice versa wtf.

Anywho~ Christmas yeay!!!!!
Sunday, November 22, 2009

Something In Mail

I am a fanatic for carbohydrates such as rice and whatnot, bread. I can have this two for the whole day, week, month, years and never grow bored with it. Not that I need a lot of carbohydrates... it's just me liking it.
And i was much thrilled with what i got in mail today. Sent me giggling as i walk into my house after my routine mail-check as soon as we reach home from church.

Opps, that's my mouse on the bread.

You din't think that i would be such a dirt bag din't cha~?

Is what i got today from CIMB, which is their new advertising strategy of indulging your brains into "Get Used to Getting More". They uses the bread concept where people can use it as a base and change the fillings.

the many many suggested fillings to suit demand of different customers.

This is really a good form of advertising! Something fresh and new and not all and everyone getting this concept cause certainly mummy did not get it and she just feel delighted receiving a fake bread(wtf) at her mail box.

There is a whole loads of explanation about this great new plan but i shall not further elaborate.

it is not gonna serve it's purpose to my mouse! LOL

p/s::not advertorial. I get no pay.
p/p/s:: hungry looking at it wtf
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Did It

No more fugly hair. My face sure looks bigger right wtf.
Someone say i Lala~ wthhh~
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paging A Hair Stylist!!

While waiting for mummy, I was in the car listening to the radio and was twisting my hair and my fingers got stuck in between. For a good 2 minutes, i spent trying to untangle the tangled hair with finger fml...

That is when I know that i badly need a hair cut! My hair has not been in such worst condition EVER in my whole entire life! Spilt ends, two toned color, frizzy like aunty's hair, messy all the time, gets tangle easily, spilt ends. OOPSS, cause i never ever have a 2 inch long spilt end!! RRRRaaaaaWWWWRRRR!!

And my hair stylist needs to be on a day off today wtf.

Got a Prom Night(SBS Night) in a week time and a wedding dinner in two weeks time. I must look at my very best for both nights! Vain much?? Too bad, that's what girls are good at and guys are attracted to girls who are vain for their own good, i suppose, no?
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Atrocity of Life

Ohai! Have not been blogging much lately, so i semangated and will try to blog two post today.

Went out quite frequently this few days and sees much atrocity and wtf moments that is so unavoidable. There are also many many unexpected events or things that occurred out of the blue-ness of moon wtf and all you can do is to just absorb the moments and analyze thereafter.

In which i am doing now. Teehee!

Crossword puzzling in church. Damn gan cheong okay.. My love for crossword puzzle.

Was on my way to meet someone and while waiting for the train, this train comes along.
It is stated so clearly at the head of the train and the side of the ktm that is just a training train.
And some of the clever passengers tried to ignore and went straight inside.
Terus kena diau wtf. LOL

Last but not least, CAN YOU ALL SEE WHATS IN THE CAR?!
Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is LIFE!

Second post in like two hours time and this is a total random one.
Because i don't want people to come into my blog and see the previous sad post and thinks, "fuah another emo kia's blog".

This is what i do every weekend nights.
Maybe it is EVERY night lolwtf. Thus the bad results, sigh~

I am so waiting for tomorrow and Monday!!

Home Soy is love.
Been drinking this the whole entire day.. Mummy made me drink an awful soup just now fml and i nearly puke!
All for beauty sake.

Where Got Ghost!?

I really don't intend to copyright off this title and used it for my title of blog post, but this is the DVD that i bought and i have not had the chance to watch it. And the title really got something to do with my post today.. Not I shiok shiok use okay~

Been assignmenting for the past two weeks non stop and i feel that my head/brain/skull had expand a bit, but i still don't feel smart wtf.

#1. This is my almost trustworthy Asus netbook and yes, that is my assignment.
Doing this while in the car, on my way to graveyard.

Now now, don't wtf me for saying that i am heading to the graveyard instead of to Pavillion for Blogathon Kuala Lumpur.. Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary since my grandmother passed away.

#2. So we went to the graveyard to pay respect. It was her birthday too, according to mummy.

Been searching high and low for the flowers cause the usual florist that we buy from, i think they bankrupt or something. Cause the place where their store had been is now spelt "Kedai Haiwan ... ..." wtf.
*marketing moments*
Never ever be a florist and wants to sell flowers just because you think that flowers deserve to be spread around and about cause they are so lovely like that. NO! Flowers makes you go BANKRUPT. What i am trying to say is that being a florist, is not a substantial thing for a living. Flowers die after a day and there goes the modal you used to buy them for sale and there is no sales.

Damn waste money right?!
That is why i hats down to the one that thought of creating plastic flowers. It will not die, will still stay pretty and flowers don't smell that nice anyway, so why care!!
*marketing moments ended*

#3. While waiting for the flowers, camwhore-d for someone that I am in love with.
*the eye bag (@.@)*

And off we went heading to the yard, it just feels weird saying GRAVEyard. I don't know why.

#4. The weather is just what i like. It rained before that.
Mummy and brother.

#5. Me tagging along behind.
Was abit heavy hearted to walk to my grandma although i was the one been harping around my mum to go and pay a visit.
I just don't want to see the place where she lays is full with grass and there is no tombstone as a remembrance and to let people see how she looked like. Not very pretty, but i still think that every girl is sexy somewhere deep down under.

My heart render and goes out to all the souls that has been laid here cause this place is really run down and as you can see, there are spots that are filled with lalangs(tall grass). This are the ones forgotten by the family members, and their tombstones are just never made.

I was very careful while walking all around searching high and low for my grandma cause we thought that there was no tombstone YET.

Cause i do not want people to be stepping on me if i were to lay there!

And an hour later, we finally found my grandma! I found it yo!!

Prayed a short prayer and spend like 20 - 30 minutes sitting by her and telling her all the things that i had wanted to tell her. I said it in my heart though. Obviously, there are things that i want to remain silent towards my mum. And me and my grandma has always had this "secret moments" where i would lay on the floor inside her bedroom, with her on the bed, talking just about everything to nothing and to something. Sometimes we end up fighting over the silliest misunderstanding and i would find myself storming out of the room for television, leaving her there.

Then again, i would still find myself laying down with my hands pillowing my head and pouring out my heart to her, like the good gossip buddies.
3 years later, I still had that envisioned so vividly in my mind everytime i pass by her room and tears would well up in my eyes.
I still think of you a lot! The times when i am alone at home, the times when i see old people everywhere i go, the times when i am at my most down moments, the times when i am scared and it seemed that no one is there for me, the times when i really need a good scolding, the times when i really need someone to be there for me, the times when i sit down and pray alone now..

The times when I miss you so much, i don't know what to do.
Love you grandma. I hope heaven got internet and you can read my blog post. This is for you.
Friday, November 13, 2009

Somethings Will Never Change

The fact that my laptop was stolen and i have to secretly use my brother's dekstop now because i think something is wrong with the netbook will always be a fact and will never change. I am still waiting for the upcoming PC Fair but i might just wallap a laptop from somewhere if it is what i want.
There are also things that will never ever change no matter how much and hard we put our efforts into to dig a 6 feet depth hole and shovel everything beneath, it will still remain the same. Whats worst, new sprouts might come out from what we had been trying so hard to keep/remain. And make our life worst wtf.

Somethings like

#1. The eyebag around over eyes due to lack of sleep.
Will always be there and will never ever go away no matter how much concealer we use wth..
#2. Also the very obvious fact that i am very full of myself and i cam-ho a lot. That's me in the toilet by the way. Say HI to my favorite MNG tee! LOL

#3. This is something that you all might not know. I AM VERY OBSSESSED with Mickey Mouse. If i could and i would, i would want a whole Mickey study related things(chio ones not the kiddo ones please), to get my room decorated and filled with Mickey, all things regarding to Mickey that is chio, I WANT THEM ALL!! LOL...
This are the very few things that will never change in my life and i think there is more to add, when i found out about myself laa that is.
And i had a great day today woohoo!!
I hope what i planned turns out alright.
*Three years since you left us, and now I MISS YOU even more.
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Lost One

And probably the scared one. And the dulan-ed one.
Cause today is the "drop me off at monorail cause i have late class" day where mummy will not chauffeur me straight to Sentral station where i have have to sit and braze through the coldness in the monorail, where i have to walk the one big round just to reach the Sentral station. And i freaking hate it. Because i wouldn't be fresh anymore! As in, when i walk, i use energy and when that happens, i burn fat thus the stickyness. I do not walk in confine area like shopping malls, instead i walk on normal roads where it is the peak morning, with loads of cars, skyscrapers blocking the good clean air.. and whats worst, the bloody car's fumes. It just sticks to your hair, your clothes, your bag, your skin smells like it too and most probably your undies wtf.

So, for the first time ever after the incident where i was stuck in LRT for a good two hours, i was told that today there is no monorail service.
Super duper farking last minute okay! Leaving people like me scared till i can pee wtf and foreigners standing there waiting and praying to the sky for a guide to where the hell they wanna go wtf.


Although i am world famous for my totally helpless at recognizing road attitude, i manage to run thoughts through my head and paved a way for myself to reach college.Not using the extra cost of course*marketing mentality wtf*
And so it took me 20 minutes to walk to the bus station, obviously i was a bit sweaty and sticky when i reach the bus station but i kinda thank God for the good weather today.. If not, i will be drenched in sweat fml.

I was kinda pissed off because i realized that going to college by bus is actually faster, plus i do not have to walk to change route and it is CHEAPER!!
I can safe up so much! Being the kiam me again~
Best thing is, te bus drops me right off at the main door and i do not have to take the extra morning walk to reach my class.

Dulan-ed cause i feel that Malaysia is terrible in a lot of stuffs.
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shabu One with Em Classmates

It's been quite some time since i had a day out with them classmates and the last one that i could remember was when some of us went to the Genting trip. Most of them did not, so cannot consider as day out with classmates wtf.
This time around, all thanks to Yvonne who whole heartedly and nicely planned a day of eat out at Shabu One Restaurant located at Lot 10, uppest floor. I don't know which floor is that, go find yourself. xD

#1. Besttie, Yvonne and yours truly. Half way eating or messing around, which ever suits.

#2. As soon as we arrived, we tried to settle everyone down so that everyone is comfortable with whom they are sitted with, with the things such as soup to be decided and out eating gala started right after that. Then the rest of us started to arrive. There were issues here and there in between but it really isn't necessary and it is OBVIOUSLY started off by someone who is damn hypocrite. But all's well and ends well.

While decision are to be made by em people, the camho-ing session started...

#3. Me and Joy

#4. Yours truly with a tired face and EYE BAGS! RAWWWR!

#5. The amount of food (and more of this later) that we started to go get. And i finally ate beef that doesn't smell!! And it's love!
The yellowish thingy is supposingly the beloved sotong but it smelled spoilt so we did not eat a single piece of it at the end of the day.

#6. The next table. Was utterly damn awesome i tell you, the amount of food they ate can serve nations and nations and nations. LOL wtf.

Half way through eating, besttie saw desserts and boy, our eating was so messed up that day. There were so many food that we don't know which to eat first, so we kinda like finger food-ed, then steamed boat-ed food, then dessert then steamed boat-ed food then dessert then finger food and WUAH THE CHICKEN DAMN AWESOME!

#7. This, IS LOVE!! To those that have no idea what this is (like me), this is Coconut Jelly which is a damn awesome dessert laa~
I want to eat this again!!

Then there were yoghurts for you to choose from which they made it like jelly form too. Mad awesome.

#8. THERE!!! the one reason that i would go back to Shabu One is their unique dessert. YOGHURT! MY MILK INTOLERANCE SINFUL HEAVEN!!

*9. SOME of the food. P/s, prawn gala there wtf. And it was all consume alone by a girl! namely Prawn Queen! LOL pwned!

To burn fats off, we started camho-ing with all the attendees. And SS pictures too! LOL
Here are some of it..

#10. Us girls. SOME.

#11.Pearly and me.

And a whole loads more. You can see it here (clickable) at my facebook. See my crazy-ness.
Here's a sneak peak. LOL


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Falling For You

Is what i am coincidentally listening to right nao.

Have not been blogging regularly again and i even have to spell check my word "regularly"wtf. English standard is deteriorating to level nil fml.

Been much busy lately coping with college life, college life and college life. Oops, did i just repeat that thrice? LOL cause that is what i am occupying my time with lately. Besides ultimate bimbo-ing and heart-to-heart talk time with the bestie.

No worries, i have not turned into a boring 19 year old who just wants to quickly end college, work and get marry wtf. I am not. I am me, still as crazy as i can and wanna be.
On a side note, i think BlackBerry cult is increasing and will eventually get into the light and be announce as one of the religion wtf cause i see EVERYONE using BB. Be it in the monorail, LRT, KTM or walking on the streets, people are tapping and clicking away on their BB. I WANT ONE TOO!!

Then then then i can FB whole day, replying emails and deleting spams all the time, tweetpic!! Argh! Cause currently if i tweetpic, i would beusing gprs to get access to the net and that would burn a hole in my purse/wallet whatever.. Don't know how many cents perminute okay...
And and i tweetpic, must wait for it to load! Don't know takes how many seconds.. But if i have got a BB with Celcom plan, i need not to be so kiamsiap and tweetpic all the time!!


Anyways, i think God is forbidding me to cut hair. Got proof okay!
The first time, should head over to my hairstylist after college, then half way driving back to salon, mum says she tired and "Lets go tomorrow". And tomorrow never comes.
The second time happens today, twice samo wtf. Wanted to go early in the morning after marketing, got ready and was walking to the car already, i stomachache and needs toilet. So mum say go later in the afternoon. When afternoon comes, heavy thunder storm melanda my area wtf.

So i still have unchio hair. Happy la u all bitchies out there with nice hair!

p/s: cant wait for tomorrow, hope it begins, centered and ends with a sweet touch! <3
Friday, November 6, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

I saw this contest in a few of my friend's blog and i was like meh about it because..I shall "secret revealed" it later on in this post.
Talking about treat list, after much thought during my "meh" moments, I can't really of anything off the norm and so i shall ask for more of the normal things cause i am such a boring girl like that wtf.

1)To Have Unlimited Shopping Money & Time
Would most probably be any girl's dream! And i am like one in a million to be voicing this out and no originality but yes, i totally need a wardrobe revamp! Cause someone totally uninvitedly revamped it for me and i found some of my really nice clothes gone missing.
I really need some new dresses like this..

#1 For dinners and high dine table.

#2 Can i wear this to college?? It's so cute and sexy!

#3 This is so tight fitting! My after-slim dress wtf.
*pictures credit to

Yes, yes.. Another Forever21 freak here.

2) A Full Body Slimming All Expense Paid
Did i just hear a "what for?"
Cause i am fat! That's what for!
It would be so great that someone just walk up to me right here and now, so to say, tap me on the shoulders and say "Hey, i think you deserve a whole body makeover and here i am to sponsor you one full expense paid.". Just be slim and marry me wtf.

I really want to be at least 5 kg thinner and it is just so hard to achieve! Not that i do not exercise, i do! I played sports like anything and i am still this size.

3)A Dell Inspiron 13
So i would need to tell my reason and have to tell to impress right? I shall and this is not made up, happens a week ago and yes, you can say, as fresh as newly baked breads.

A week ago, while i was in college, i received a call from mom and she yelled "OUR HOUSE GOT BROKE INTO!!" and the first thing that came to mind was my hard earn money that i used to buy my Toshiba L300. Yes, not a good one but something that i can use for my works and assignments. So i asked "LAPTOP GONE TOO?" and she hung up already cause obviously mom was so scare and she hurried back home cause my brother was alone.
Cut story short, i am now using a 8-inch netbook which i detest so much that even if i do not get my brand new and spankingly sexy Dell in either Cherry Red, Black or White, i will not compromise to a 8-inch. It just does not serve the purpose of a laptop unlike the new Dell Inspiron 13

which has the brain of Intel® Core™2 Duo processors and i can Left4Dead right here and then, as soon as i get the laptop of course. Something that my old laptop cannot do and obviously not when its this netbook that i am using. This even lags at Cafe World.
A Genuine Windows Vista® operating system is also a ready installed feature in this slim and brainy 13.3" of the proud owner of Dell for creating such sleek design.

I totally deserve a new laptop right? And Dell's new design is what motivates me to do this post and give it a try! I will never know, lady luck might just be harping harmonious melody to the judges when they were to choose for the three winners.
I really need it la so thanks beforehand wtf.

4) A House of My Own
Having a land of your own is always the best treasure you could ever invest in!
is what my mom always nag to me and asked me not to waste money on clothes, bags, gadgets...
So who wants to FOC a land with value for me??

5) A Trip to Japan
For Christmas of course!!! That would be so awesome or if cannot then i can settle with trip to Japan during the Sakura season, but with my better half can? If i were to have one by then i has the opportunity to go travel to Japan for free... heh~

All in a nutshell, I really need the new Dell Inspiron 13 and am not going to be stingy, my readers can too enjoy Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. This promotion is only available online or by calling us at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009 and here is the code a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3.
Better still, you all can come up with a post like mine and try to stand a chance to win this laptop away from me! RAWWRR! I bite!

*puppy eyes at judges*
Can let me win? Thanks for the opportunity!


Love comes around unexpectedly and it surely does knock you down.
So unexpectedly that you think all is are just yet but a dream.

You was magic and i was tragic...
I totally do not deserve you but i think i love you.

I don't expect anything from you, really.. But just a straight forward answer. That's all i seek. And i hope it's something i would be happy about.
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In A Baby's World

Is just somewhere i would really love to turn my time back to.

People used to say that living life the right way is to live it looking forward and never ever to look back or ponder on the past cause it will bring you no where. But i say, even sometimes, living it looking forward, it doesn't really bring you anywhere too. Now thats what i say that life is a bitch. You can never ever know the right path without randomly choosing onto one, and if you're lucky, your first pick would lead you to great life. And if you're the type that has no lucky hands and chose the wrong path of life, well... STRIVE. To either move forward or to go back to the starting point to choose the second path.

I would just stay on the path that i had either chose wrongly or correctly cause you will never know the answer till you really really end the whole journey that you had started. Basically, people that turned back in an attempt to choose the 2nd path, are those that cant embrace a little hardship. I believe that no matter or whatever road or path you have chosen, there will still be obstacles along the way. It's either a big one or a small obstacle/s.
Ego people like me will choose to hang on to the hardship, hoping for a better day and working towards a better day. Rather then to turn back cowardly, to start all over again! That's ridiculous but there are people who do so.

Was on duty for King's Kids last week.
My job is to be the assistant of the main teacher, looking and teaching after babies from the age of 10 months to 2 years old.
And all i see every time i am on duty, is the purity and the happiness that is portrayed on the faces of this toddlers.
I was full of envy then, and how i wish that some Bartolomeow or fairies would just whisked out from thin air, granting me A wish. I would wish to be in my most happiest time in life and to stay at that moment forever.(is that two wishes?) LOL.
I feel so bland and blatantly beat up spiritually, mentally and physically this days. Even the things that i usually do last time, where i got loads of interest in it, just seemed to lost their magic touch in making me interested for it/them. Is it because that i am growing older? *sigh

But apparently, i am not the one feeling that way. So i know i am not weird! LOL
Random, i think i should re cultivate my love for reading cause i feel that i am short of vocabs when i blog. *sigh
Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freak and Freakttes of Facebook

Been Facebooking around a lot lately and i had been randomly typing out names, be it guy's or girl's just for the fun of it. That is also to see how creative my brain is when it comes to making stuffs up. And i am amazed at the things tat this people would do and did just to get like like 12267 people in their friends list. And that is just plain pathetic really and i have categorized them into groups wtf. Namely, Dick Turned Gay, Hentai Om Om, Faceless Cause Im So Fugly Like That.

1) Dick Turned Gay
Description for this category of people are.. You see damn chunted face or body of a supposingly damn chun girl, and that makes most of the guy's to click it and then straight away request them to be their friends. Without even noticing the odds which are them having a guy's name.
Okay okay, example okay.. I give damn chunted face girl. Really damn chun but i think is photo shopped and obviously it did not belong to the owner of the fb account.

Nice and pretty right. Drool all you want people and imma be nice and give youthe link so that you all imainative people can add "her"
Might be a tranny and i am not promoting her, so do not come back and sue me fer anything misbehaviour wtf between you and "her" okay.

By the way, "her" name is Alex Tham.
*jeng jeng jeng*
i credit *er er er* Alex Tham?Facebook? You get the drift.

2) Hentai Om Om (om om means Uncle in Indonesia)
I don't think this needs much explanation cause the title just said it all! Unless you all duno whats hentai, just leave me a comment below, i will be so glad to explain in detail for you.
Usually this kind of people, will try to take either "i'm still handsome and young" pictures by posing in front of the webcam and used the really lousy webcam to take that unseenable/unclear pictures of themselves, under really dim lights, and if by one glance, we thought that it's some damn chun guys. Then when you check their friend list, you will notice that outta that 1564 friends they got, 1563 are females(real chun ones) and the one left is probably some hentai friend who wants to share fame like that wtf.

this isn't what i want to potray here but his face really got the Hentai Om Om look wtf with the smirl face and the cigrattes and all.
And his friends are all total random and no whatsoever link between em and he only add my pretty friends wtf!

Even his name sounds like he is some immigrant from Indon or something.

This guy is the most Hentai Om Om in my list.
To my frequent readers, i am sure that you saw my previous rant about a guy named Roy Lee who spammed my inbox and chat box at facebook twice in half an hour time. When i check his profile, 90% girls okay. Then got like 438 something friends and he claims to me that he got no friend wtf.

You all pussies feel free to add him if you all are horny cause i think he needs it. He says he is lonely. LOL.
I don't think he is gay okay if you were to look closely at the picture.

3) Faceless Cause Im So Fugly.
This is widely known okay. Some people just cant be and arse to put up pictures but they got like 15734 friends like that for and how they get that, it will always remain as a secret, an unknown fact.
I don't even need to put up pictures here cause there aren't any!!
You know the normal blue icon facebook when you took down your facebook display picture. Yea that one.
one of the many many examples.

My conclusion is that there are just so many people on this earth with really weird issues and thinking and dressing and they way they talk, their hair colors, their rate of lameness and many more. You can't just say yes to all of em cause you will suffer at the end of the day and you surely cant simply decline cause they might be of good use and you will never know right?

I approve everyone and i think i should change the way i do things too,
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