Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

This is Vox life broadcast straight from Samuel's New Year's Eve Potluck party lolwtf.
Prepared fer a thousand but only hundreds came lol... So there are actually food left here.

Everyone's sitting around chilling after all the awesome spaghetti, filling sandwiches, crunchy nuggets and hotdogs, finger licking good KFCs, hot and cheesy pizzas as well as damn farking sweet juices wtf weh, damn diabetic can *looks at jeff*
Girls are mostlybitchingchatting and getting to know each other, Chor Dai Di illegally on the floor and the amateur mahjong-ers on the other side of the floor. Yea yea, everything on the floor cause we awesome like that!

This was what Jeffro had when he first arrived cause yes, he VIP like that lol...
And we had much much more of course...
Haiyo all those big arse cameras lashing here and there like wtf weh...

Okay more updates soon!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Silly Things We Do Together

Actually she is the silly one cause i don't do things like that! LOL
Took this on Christmas Eve and isn't she a whiner!..

Silly picture #1
"I want snow in Malaysia NOW! Cause it's gonna be Christmas like that"

Silly picture #2
"No snow but i let you see my snow-fair skin okay?! Don't cry, Merry Christmas"
*vain, sorry not nice skin LOL*

Silly picture #3
"yeayy! Snow fair skin also jadi laa~"

Silly picture #4
"see! i still know you best! *hugs*"


All the picture about has no connection at all and was taken on two different days and the story line is a total made up! Hahaha~ Just wanna post some pictures up, which i took myself as i just woke up and i took Amelia's*clickable*when we were very bored in the college.

That's when we finally saw a handsome young lad in OUR college. Happy to the max but 15 minutes later, some ugley looking biatch walked up to him and sat beside him.
His girlfriend. Kecian Amelia. LOL

Yeay! Christmas over! I had the best one this year! With my Bie of course and yes, i can't stop harping on it! You hate it? I DON'T CARE! LOL
Friday, December 25, 2009

Victoria's Christmas Eve at Victoria's Station

No no no I don't own a station xD

Spent my Eve with my bie, Samuel and he even made the initiative to drive all the way from Subang to my college which is *erhem* at Setapak to pick me up for plans ahead. Had no idea where would i be going for dinner and what he had planned, he just said "Dress nicely arr" wtf.

FYI, I dress nicely okay~I do not dress like some lala girl mahupun like some geek kthxbai.

Baby and I, Bie in tux and me in er onesexypiece.? xD
Yea yea you always see me in black cause I love black! Blek~

Then another thing that he kept saying was "730 dinner okay.." which is not even in a question form. Which can only mean that he BOOKED some place some where. Dress nice nice which only means some atas place. Which is Victoria Station.

We were there around 7.35p.m, super on time and Samuel asked for our booked seats and his name wasn't written on the booking list. And they transferred us to the upper deck, which according to Samuel, we weren't be getting much attention. -__-
True enough, cause we WERE NOT getting any at all and was ignored like farks!
*lau niang tahan-ed like hell to not shoot 9 them pfft*

This came after 5 minutes our orders were taken.
Supposed to serve us one perplate and one butter perbun, but this newbie server served us double of what they are supposed to serve. Another server passed by, saw and smiled wtf.
Maybe lau niang too pretty so they kan cheong-ed and served double portion! LOL

Like how we used to learn during out ERT (Economi Rumah Tangga) subjects during secondary, drinks were to be serve first above all, and our drinks came last of all. Samuel ordered beef and he wants it with wine, but the wine did not come so as my drink.
The food came cold, which I distaste most, and bie had to wait for so long for his wine. So obviously his beef cooled off too -___-... I think we called like 3 - 4 people and some i even recalled wtf and the wine did not come. How hard is it to open a bottle and pour the damn wine into the cup laa~~ Kena ignored like hell...

Bie nom-ing his bread, all the while teaching me food history and food stuffs. I love it when he does that. xD Makes me realized that there are loads to learn, equally means I am quite ignorant laa~ LOL.

Here is me "helping" myself with the Station's mirror, admiringchecking out my hair and being vain while waiting for the main course to be serve.

We waited for quite some time for our food and it did not come in hot punya just-cooked hot -_-.

Samuel's food, Beef something something *shy* There, the ignorant side of me, I don't know what is the name. Beef Tenderloin or something xD

And here is my Curvan Salmon & Grilled Lamb. See i can remember mine cause er er I am the one eating it?! LOL wahh ignorant proof number 2!

After the wine and my Mango something*i order mango juice everywhere i go fml*came, we noms and Samuel had more wine! LOLs cause his church member came with the family and brought their own wine. Fuuhh Atas people xD And i admire the Uncle's straight-forwardness and strictness. Everytime he called the server, he is sure to sound em' off for the poor service and the lack of attention that they are receiving, cause like us, they too booked a place but were transferred to the upper deck.

Since the initial plan to The Opera cannot make it, Bie and I went to The Summit to watch Sherlock Holmes.
And what made me felt Christmas was the carols in front of the cinema.. Reminds me of my then times when i was still so excited for church and my burning soul for God, and i celebrated Christmas with cell group members.

While walking in, some uncle was saying "whats with all this caroling in front of the cinema?! Now they are spoiling my cinema experience".
Like HELLO!! it is Christmas and the uncle sounded like this is his first time watching a show in the cinema. Please.. you can hear nothing from the outside when the door is blardy close and the movie starts, you cant even hear a thing even though some one is doing sex beside you, okay grumpy Uncle.
Cant help but to turn around and stared at his grumpiness. Like Scrooge wtf.

Overall, I had an awesome time spent with Samuel and I like his plannings cause at first he asked whether have i been to Taipan before. I thought Taipan was a makan place, which it is laa but it is also a name for the place*i din noe laa* then suddenly he lead me into Victoria's Station =)
I asked "what! we are really going in there?!" and pulled back abit wtf sorry bie, I terkejut cause i thought you were jokingly leading me into the place i vainly said mine. Hahahaha~

My Christmas present from him.

Samuel is full of surprises really, I think can get heart attack every time things don't turned out as i predict. I predict cause he don't tell, okay i make assumptions too LOL.. Cause i made assumption that he will get me a Mickey Mouse or anything that is related and I find this bear very cute and nice as it is all woven! *loves*

I spent my Eve with someone dear to me, so how did you spent yours?

p/s: to people with full of spirit of giving, you can give your gifts to me, the one filled with the spirit of receiving! LOL
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tumor Lizard

So OMFG sad okay when I just ate my lunch and i am happy and all and i wanted to go and wash the plates, then i saw this..


Cannot see nicely?


Nah! And I was reminded of my grandmother. Not that she looks like a lizard(wtf) and not that shes got a tumor(choi), but a kidney failure.
She has been eating healthily, living healthily, she even insisted of buying don't know what what curve pillow and that makes her sleep the healthy way too wtf.
But somehow one fine day her kidneys decided to stop working and she has to resort to dialysis T_T. GBU Po~

This lizard damn sad looking okay and it smelt like some rotten meat when I took pictures of it. Some what looks like it is rotting from the inside out, which is another added point of sadness.
Have you given a thought that animals are as really helpless as how we used to say that they are helpless?? i think its even more helpless than helplessly helpless punya helplessness wtf.

Humans cough, give medicine. Animals cough*if they do*, we*some*ignore thinking that they are trying to talk wtf.
Humans sneeze, give cold medicine. Animals sneeze*which they do, my turtle sneezes wtf*, we say "Ey so cute! Can sneeze!!*awe face*" and continued to hang the farktard awe face, all the while trying to poke the poor fella intending to make it sneeze again(wtf)cause they think it's cute.
Humans hungry, either we stuff ourselves silly or people stuffs us silly with fantabulous foods. Animals fhungry, humans continue making sex in the room wtf*this refers to my neighbour* -__-
Humans like omfg cold during rainy days, we hide inside our house our room our toilet surfing net*i do that wtf*.Animals which are kept outside even during rainy days, cold and scared, we humans continue surfing net while pooping in the "warm" surrounding.

And many more...

See! Animals damn helpless okay~ They cant like just stand up and say "Hey I am fucking hungry okay Feed me can!", neither can they just flings out their claw like Wolverine and unlocks the cage and then runs away. And Ninja Turtles with the Master Splinters are just purely good awesome craps. If real turtles can ninja fight, then I can give birth to a dog wtf.

Point is...


this is sad. The lizard walked away from the previous place it were laying as in the picture above and it stopped there. Right at the cliff of my sink. It looks like some humans wanna jump of the building cause life is so miserable like that.

Not sad to you? Cause you don't bother like that? So fuck off.
Cause i feel sad and i feel for animals and i would like to help them in any way i could.
I don't only mean help through organizations, i meant like daily.
Even it's just a lizard.

p/s::i don't know how to help a tumor-ed lizard so i just open the window for it to go out. Hope it is safe out there. cause it looks like it wanna go out. So sad.

Blings! Pretty Thing in Life

Woke up yesterday morning and remembered that i have a presentation to do. Wasn't sure whether was the presentation for that day or is it for the upcoming week, so I wore semi formal just in case presentation is that day and i won't get screwed from the lecturer.

And presentation was that day.
Best thing is, I did not do my slides!

So I chiong to college's computer lab, secured myself a nice window sit right at the back, and be prepared to sit there for the next two hours, with no disturbance cause i was really right at the back at the corner where it is not cold.
Then people started to flood in one hour later. Means no more peace and serenity wtf. Some cibai girls sitting in front of me started to go WOO HAAA AHHHH at some K-pop bands(no naming names)but their song totally sucks okay. When the girls turned behind after kena my hushing, they were mad fugly. Soooo worth me hushing em' cause after that they chiowed and the guys beside em' turned and looked and smiled at me.


#1. After presentation. See sleepless face, slept at 2 the night before. Cafe World-ing fml

#2. Yeay! Gonna get back my side-swept fringe
And i am so vain, this picture is my desktop background and i freaked out to see my big face every time I use my lappie LOL

Then besttie got the blinging bug from me!! She bought some blingees and zhng-ed her phone! Half way done that is cause the blingee sold not that very nice!
I wanna zhng mine new too!! I need blingees! Then zhng my mouse, my laptop i wanna zhng with fluffy furry sticker and blings!


p/s: photos are not photoshopped. Twitch the lightings only cause my phone sucks! LOL
Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Fungus Story

Once there was this young girl who care less about anything except her Taekwondos and Judos. She practices day and night in order to get to where she had always dreamed of being. She looks up to her senior sisters. Being a sports person who care less on how the way she dress, which is obviously tomboyish, she couldn't care even more less about a skirt. Fidgeted just by hearing the word S.K.I.R.T. Neither does she care on how her skin looks like and will reject anything that sounds girly or near girly.

Okay la~ The girl was me JENGJENGJENG. and yes, i was very tomboyish and reckon there are still people who says that I am still chor lor(rough). As in not girly girl girl enough but wtf I DON'T CARE.
And oh, I did achieved my dreams.*erhem* Proud 3rd year Taekwondo Black Belt holder and was the runner up for the Korean Championshipwhich i paid rm500 one okay wtf not cheap my dreams

When sheokay i know the "she" thingie very annoying although you all know its me but like this sounds mysterious ma wtfget hold of her dreams and age caught up on her, she transformed from a tomboyugly duckinto a real girlbitch. Means she really wanna take care of her skin and whatnots laa..


The above cute white thing was introduced to her by her mum.
yes i am still being mysterious lolwtf
So she had been having that for years now and she totally have nicegreatskin. Like this!


If not nice then erhemshutupokay loo~ LOL But please ignore the eyebags... College la kan~ LOL

And by all means, do you all know what is the white thing above? Cause i am dumb like that laa~ i don't know. I just simply eat cause mum say it's damn good for my skin and will make me fairer wtf. And i googled, NO SUCH THING as make me fairer weh! LOL Got conned fer don't know how many donkey years of my life.

Awhile ago, I was having this cup of goodness that i was conned to drink fer years which eventually gave me nice skin and yes i can talk without full stop for 10 paragraphs and you will think that i am annoying but actually I have got a lot to say till i am outta breath which is like now la hor *gaaaaaasssssps*

My cup of goodness as i can't take milk T___T
The WHITE FUNGUS(the one i got conned to eat), red dates and GINSENG! OMFG I love GINSENG*capslockcapslockcapslocklocklock* xDD

Then i texted Samuel saying "I'm eating this chinese thing(lol) blablablabla you-don't-nid-to-know-the-rest-of-our-talk."LOL
I feel bad cause this white fungus had serve me great skin fer years laa so i took up the initiative to Twitpic it and asked what is it called...

So gonna stuff my bie to drink it lol but i don't know how to make it to the cup of goodness i just drank! LOL failed~
Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Baby Boy

No my mom is not pregnant and neither am I. The title above refers to my one and only younger baby brother(lol)whom has just finish his SPM and was so gian to go work. Not for experience but for the money cause he pennies-less like that after getting his spanking new RM3k HP(newest of the newest-est)desktop model.

Then broke to the max! LOL!

Something like this but i think this is like wert, 15 inches? His is 19 inches okay ftw..

Coincidentlyhe asked me to, I got my HP Pavillion DV2 laptop. So that made us like HP Pavillion edition freaks wtf.
Sooooo~ Today marks his third day of working and he totally got the "best gift" ever from the shop itself! LOL
*fml he don't let me take his picture*

Accordingly, he was moving stocks as he need to put them on higher grounds to make way for new incoming stocks. Then blablabla carrying up and down and all the stocks, heavy ones, and he was getting tired(tskk earning money not easy right!)and he ter-knock his leg to the metal pole and..
*larrh the web don't have legs bruises like my brother's so i have to draw wtf*

left is the before and right is the after
Really the bruise was as big as an egg cause we think he ter-knock his bone or something cause he is really damn thin la.. So kecian ~

Then i went and cupped his bruise and it fits well in my palm! LOL xD
For as long as i had work, never in my whole entire life i had gotten myself such "nice" bruise. Small ones, yes, BUT NOT AS BIG AS AN EGG LA!

Dasar baby boy. xD

p/s: this post is as random as it can be cause i wanna remember the days that my brother work so when he gets addicted to blogging and links me and reads my older post and sees this and then he will be either embarrassed hell, or he will just kill me! LOL
Friday, December 18, 2009

What is VOX?

It has been 1 - 2 years(cant remember) since I started blogging and the reason that sits a place in derives from my own expressive character, the willingness and wants to share my thoughts and live and most importantly, the love of writing.

As some of you that might or might not know, I was one lucky person out of the 2837495 people in Malaysia to be selected for the National Service together with the other 265738 people that was selected.(fake stats) Hesitant was what i felt when days are drawing closer to where i have to move out of my comfort zone and into some farktard places, so ulu even when i google it shows "USE GPS LA, WHY ASK ME I DONO!" wtf(just joking, Google sure know cause awesome like that).

*wah! I am using friendster now to get my NS pictures for you all!* *teary eyes*
*wah i was so fugly! NS suck abit cause make up not allowed! LOL*

So while i twitch and beautify the pictures a lil, the reason above all the existence on my blog is cause i wanna share to all that NS IS OMFG AWESOME! You get selected, you should go! Despite all the ulu-ness, the boring-ness which leads me to think of a blog url, blog name and user name! LOL
*from left to right*
Now says who NS has no pretty gurlscough, my Alpha gangs! Yes! I am Apha yo!, (last picture)2 out of the 400+ friends.

and more friends!
People posted here brings certain meaning in my life so yea~ LOL

VOX means Voice of Expression!

You must have think, shouldn't it be VOE?
In which if i think you thought that, then you're on your way to retardness cause not only that sounds stupid, it looks stupid. We pronounce E.X.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N as X.pression right?! Now don't you come and tell me you pronounce it EE.X.pression, and i shall slap the hell
senses outta you!

Up to this part, there should be a mutual understanding that the only reason that made me start blogging is this awesome one lifetime experience i was given by the government, to experience life in the military AND I HELD AND USED A M16!! You hold before or not?? You use before or not?? You SEE it in REAL LIFE before or not???? *flicks hair* LOL
Seriously, we have all the rights to be proud of what we do there cause you all don't know shit on what we ate and on what we slept on. Oh, let's not go to the toilet.-_________-

And now that the good ol' NS life has ended and i think this is my second time posting a post on it, my life has become dull, more dull than the waters in the Klang river, than the toilet that has not been flush for weeks LOLWTF. xD
Thus the lack of updates! TADAH! Conclusion. The End. No recommendation wtf.

*assignments just gets the worst outta me*

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still Amazed


I rather paint my nails then to study fml or not?
Amazed by my well defined procrastination and tender juicy laziness or no??!

Well i am.
Small exam this Wednesday and i have not start studying yet.
And am starting this small little business with the bestie out of the love for shopping! Teehee! Come and support okay?

You scream M.A.C, I scream M.A.C inspired!!
Well, nothing wrong having inspired goods cause they works just as well as the so-called original ones too. Some "original" goods company too had their companies and manufacturing factories located at China, so it's China made goods?
You all can come to here to check it out and you can add me.

Jeng jeng jeng sneakpeak..

*can get discount. terms and condition applied*
Monday, December 14, 2009



I feel like doing this today!

It Is Gonna Be Worth It

Sometimes i do things that my mind itself never crosses itself wtf about the things that i thought i wanna do, and that amazes me a lot. It amazes me when i am finally at the place i thought i wanna go and check it out and to get the things i want, it amazes me even more when i get lost and i have the courage to "smile" held my head high and throw away my always dulan face and asked for directions. You know what amazes me most among all the amazement? I still get lost after i asked for directions. Even when the person self-lead me to the area, i still get lost finding my way out. FML. My sense of direction is so OMFG HELPLESS and i think someone should create a pedestrian GPS wtf.

I know i know, got the handphone kind of GPS right? I don't think that will help either. I need one that can talk to me and tell me to turn left or right and the ones to tell me how far ahead my destination. Then i will be like some dumbarse girl walking around staring at the floor, when i am actually staring at my GPS.

But it is all worth it, i am very sure. Eh wait, after 5 seconds, i don't think that it is so worth it anymore..-___- cause what if the someone don't like what i planned?! *gasp* Totally FML then.
*looks up to God and hope "someone" appreciates*

p/s: i camwhore very the super less this days cause busy like ant wtf. So you all have to deal with photoless and short blog post. Ohh~ not forgetting, "you-have-to-guess" posts! LOL

Sunday, December 13, 2009

13th December

Time of the month to be emo again LOLwtf...

Eh isnt't it 12 more days to Christmas? Why i kept hearing Pastor said 15 more days to Christmas today? Or is it 15th more days to end this year?! LOL I was dozing off in church anyways and the couple beside me too and the couple infront and the infront infront and i think the cat in my fone is dozing off too wtf.

I just don't know the reason i go to church anymore. One thing for sure i heard it loud and clear this morning, as if it was a wakening call from God, suddenly made me not sleepy and listened to that very one statement.
"Ask yourself the purpose you're here this morning? Is it for Him or you're just here for the sake of being here? As a routine?"
The moment i heard that, i definitely know that i am the second category kind of people.
I don't know why i need to wake up so early on a Sunday morning any more, then have to make effort to bath so early then make effort to pan leng leng to go church, then fall asleep there. Tsk much but what to do?! The sermons arent relevant, no one is "allowed" to talk and church isnt like what we see on tv, where those black people can just shout "Amen" and then burst into a singsong mood wtf.

Here is just u stand up greet someone, sing some songs, pay tithes, sit down till ur butt numb for two hours(can doze off, optional), listen to sermon(dozed off, then cannot listen laa) then go back.
I don't think i am as holynaiveas i was before. Clubbing made me bad. Having a bf made me distracted. Full shit loads of assignments are corrupting my mind and i am so good in calculating in everything before i used that i even kiam-ed my tithes LOLWTF, no la~ i still tithe faithfully.

Even Christmas meant different to me now. Am looking very forward to Eve and Christmas Day! Hope that i am not let down. I love you, you know who you are.
Friday, December 11, 2009
Bought something today.

Something simple yet meaningful.

To me it is...


It leads me to dilemma.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wedding Dinner

It's the time of the year again where everyone decides to get marry and has to much money to give away since the New Year and the Chinese New Year is just around the NEW corner. Boohoo to em', Whee to me.. Good food ya all! And fml, yesterday my teacher said that he realized that i grew sideways within a week! WTF T_T

Camwhore with Bro. Rare moments wtf but i think the camwhore blood runs in the family.

The dinner was held at Seksyen 13's Ah Yat Abalone*something*Restaurant, sorry can't remember the name but the dishes weren't that awesome anyway and it is quite expensive for a package(i know cause i checked)that serves dishes we can find at normal "chap fan" stall. Ajinomoto used to the max, sugar used to the max as well, i think they got sponsorship or something wtf cause it's either too salty or too sweet.

And loads of liquor to pass around too! Teehee! Had like 3 cups of wine, 4-5 cups of brandi and then mum potong stim and disallow me to continue drinking wtf. Potong stim to the max! Then it's chinese tea all the way to the end... Sian much~
We were there like 10 minutes late then what it was stated in the card and it starts an hour late. Tsk much~ Malaysian timing, this "tradition" never dies huh?! Luckily i smart, i drank soya before heading out*flings hair*

I had no time to take picture of the food cause as soon that the vegetables, nuts. suckling pigs. rice. chicken etc flies and landed on our table, it was all nom nom nom up in what seemed like 5 seconds wtf.


Table 5 was our assigned sits with 10 per table, very much fits all my close family relatives. And though no.5 seemed very near to table no.1 and it seemed in front enough to see the small dirt on the cake.. Truth is~


We were the last table on the right. FOL. and no, we cant see the small dirt on the cake LOL.
*mickey moments*
Samuel say it's indication LOLWTF is that suppose to mean!?


This is the small surprise that greets everyone as soon as we sat but mom say it's something for the attendees from the host thanking everyone to be there. Any who~ what ever that small lil greet box indicates, it's whats inside it makes all the guesses worth.
It was a sweet sin surprise. It contains one Ferrero Rocher choco. Mum ate my share fml.

The dinner started bluntly and there was no boom boom pow ending to it too and so we went back early and did not stay for the karaoke session. For what right! They only sing canto and mandarin songs -_-

And below is something for all to see and i wanna ask..
Sunday, December 6, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

This is late but i don't know whether has this ends or no, so imma still try my luck out.


And to wanna add points, i even make it a bit old paper-ish like investigation evidence like that laa and then i framed it sui sui like it's the most important thing for a investigation.
Can you all see the gun!?
Now now~ I sure am way ahead of 29302 points with that gun there right??

I want the merchandise please and thank you.
Saturday, December 5, 2009

HP, Mine Personally.

Finally i got myself a new LAPTOP. Laptop mind you and not some 6 or 10 inch "thing" where i can use to go online. Mine is 12 inch lol fml, not much difference but very sleek and metal-ly designed which i do not regret choosing this over Dell 15.

Which Dell conned us kawkaw by showing 15 on the pamphlet but they do not sell that at the fair.
PC Fair of course!

Where is it you may ask? *must be living under shells tsktsk* Well, find the answer in the picture LOL.

Was there an hour before everything begins and met a blogger friend there, by accident of course. Shopped awhile and gosh, got myself new tees and a bag and a shoe. FML and all that within an hour. It must be Y.E.S.

*commercial break*

Proceeded to the fair and i thought i was smart to be there super early so that i will not have to fiddle my way around amongst huge crowds. Unfortunately, the earlier the more people wtf. Cause they scared that people chose all the "zheng zheng" things and they are left with expensive stuffs. Which is true cause i think that way too. Cause it happened to me.

My brother recommended something which has almost the same function with my HP dv2 series but it was cheaper bythe dozenfew hundreds which meant a lot to me, can get like another three pair of shoes okay!
But fml, it was sold all out on the first day and i was left spoiled for choice between Dell 14 or HP Pavillion dv2 series.
After much walking from one Hall to another, up and down samo, in 4 inch heel(for me) and 2 inch heel(for mum), fight through crowds of huge bulky hamsap looking elderly men samo... all that and was thinking which to choose since not much price difference*kenot buy one heel also*and decided HP because i heart the design and the free gift more compared to the one offered by Dell.

*eh Dell's staff not friendly okay!*

Sleek much??!
Okay it doesn't look that awesome in this picture but it's really shiny and business-sy here. Hahahahaha!

Anywhos, i still LOVE it!

Saja cause i miss him! teehee
Friday, December 4, 2009

Ring Ding Dong

No idea for title so i put to what i am now listening over and over again and Shinee is addictive! Ring Ding Dong is freaking awesome!

Still very much in Christmas spirit but i have not started present buying but have i got my people-list and the things that i wanna get for them.
okayla, this is my *erhem*Christmas wishlist...

end of wishlist lolwtf.

Seriously anything that is Mickey. And my obsession for Mickey and anything Disney is getting wilder wtf. All i want for Christmas isssss MICCCKKAAAYYY~ *sing song* LOL.


Soo looking forward to this Saturday for the PC Fair cause i will be getting a new laptop after mine got stolen wtf from inside of my house samo. tsk tsk babi punia pencuri, hope you rot in hell!
Then my bank is gonna be empty like anything and spiders will start knitting cobwebs and make em call home and then have sex and the female lays multiple spider-bies and then eats their own husband wtf.

How long has been since i last watch National Geographic weh?!*cant remember*
I enjoyed watching and learning how lion/tigers chase for their food, how the buffaloes only stays in the water andfartplay, how fugly hippopotamus are with their eww pink, monkeys actually eats fleas pluck from the partner's butt, learnt that there is nothing called Tarzan but only Orang Utans and then maybe this Warner Bros/Nickelodeon(whatever)people has wild fantasies that there are people dropping babies into the river and the Baboons took the baby in and made the baby theirs wtf HOW CAN BABOON BREAST FEED LAA?!! LOL

Anyways, i wish and hope that i can has holidays now cause i am starting to get stressed out cause i have not really start studying YET, neither for this term's unit nor for the resit papers and yet i still am sitting here everyday FaceBook-ing wtf.
But but i wanna be out on Eve and Christmas okay people! Make plans! RAAWWR!!
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December 2009

Like finally! 2009 is gonna end real soon and hello 2010!

This is not a post, more like a self reminder of what i will and have to do before i say HI to 2010. And i can forsee long list wtf.
My resit bill came out yesterday and i will be collecting it today and i can kiss rm160 goodbye fml.*looks at rm160 on the table now*
Assignments are finishing soon, by this week. Then midterms next week. And then left around 3 weeks for us all tostudy for finals. I am gonna be sitting for 7 units this time around wtf, added in the resits. *sigh*
Must must must score at least 2 A outta the 5 units for this semester and MUST *damn big MUST* get at least A- for both resit papers!! RAAWWR! I want to continue studying at UTAR la, God help me okay wth...

*God ignores me cause i sleep in church service wtf*

OHHH!!! *squeals*
Samuel said "it's another year of spending" wth so potong stim *sticks out tongue*
but i don't wanna un-deco the tree cause so troublesome! hahahaha~

Hm~ and and i pray pray that my holidays starts before the SamPig's holiday ends =(
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Never Can Have Both

Last Sunday was our School of Business Studies's night, so to say Prom night. in which i had decided with besttie to at least go and support and it's because it's our last year there too. So we went. With respective partners.

From left to right
Amelia with her partner Steven and Me with ♥,Samuel.

Everyone was dressed up to the nine for this event and there are also a lot of people who are very under dressed and there are also some that are utterly over dressed which i think it is unappropriate and it did not match the Garden of Eden theme at all. It's all about sundress, summer clothes, sheer and pure whites and smart suave for he guys.

Oh wells, TARC tsk tsk..

Nothing much to be hoo haa about and so we camwhored but not much too cause there just ain't the mood for it anymore. We ended up walking around aimlessly most of the time, me and ♥ went out to get our food cause can you believe it! they had not enough of food! It's like they did 1000 tickets but only provide food for the 500 people. Awesome!*sarcasm*

Me looking short even with 4 inch with ♥ Samuel

Me with the very HAWT besttie, Amelia
Must credit my friend for the small small blue and red paper flowers cause it was very hard to fold and she has to fold like a thousand of them which is total madness and i would give up on my 20th flower wtf.

The night then ended with a short dance floor. And i think TARC student do not club or something cause they seemed to be like that the other night. Like total sua ku when hey dimmed the lights and bring on the music.
We then headed home with Samuel ♥ fetching me all the way back from Setapak to Cheras and then he goes back to Subang! Such big sacrifice for me!! TT_TT
♥ you Samuel!!!

Amelia spent the night at my house, chat a lot about everything and was off to bed at dusk damn fol!! And we had around 3 - 4 hours of sleep which is very the damn not enough laa~ As we have assignment presentation the other day too.

See the tired-ness within and with-out us wtf.
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