Friday, December 4, 2009

Ring Ding Dong

No idea for title so i put to what i am now listening over and over again and Shinee is addictive! Ring Ding Dong is freaking awesome!

Still very much in Christmas spirit but i have not started present buying but have i got my people-list and the things that i wanna get for them.
okayla, this is my *erhem*Christmas wishlist...

end of wishlist lolwtf.

Seriously anything that is Mickey. And my obsession for Mickey and anything Disney is getting wilder wtf. All i want for Christmas isssss MICCCKKAAAYYY~ *sing song* LOL.


Soo looking forward to this Saturday for the PC Fair cause i will be getting a new laptop after mine got stolen wtf from inside of my house samo. tsk tsk babi punia pencuri, hope you rot in hell!
Then my bank is gonna be empty like anything and spiders will start knitting cobwebs and make em call home and then have sex and the female lays multiple spider-bies and then eats their own husband wtf.

How long has been since i last watch National Geographic weh?!*cant remember*
I enjoyed watching and learning how lion/tigers chase for their food, how the buffaloes only stays in the water andfartplay, how fugly hippopotamus are with their eww pink, monkeys actually eats fleas pluck from the partner's butt, learnt that there is nothing called Tarzan but only Orang Utans and then maybe this Warner Bros/Nickelodeon(whatever)people has wild fantasies that there are people dropping babies into the river and the Baboons took the baby in and made the baby theirs wtf HOW CAN BABOON BREAST FEED LAA?!! LOL

Anyways, i wish and hope that i can has holidays now cause i am starting to get stressed out cause i have not really start studying YET, neither for this term's unit nor for the resit papers and yet i still am sitting here everyday FaceBook-ing wtf.
But but i wanna be out on Eve and Christmas okay people! Make plans! RAAWWR!!


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