Friday, July 10, 2009

I Miss You So

You will never ever know how much i missed those days when you will always "be there" for me, at any time but not anywhere, mentally but not physically, words but not hugs, dreams but not reality.. Any hoots, you were still "there" for me. But those were my memories now, something that i sometimes wonder, is it even worthy for me to remember, about things and dreams that never came true and probably will never ever come true...
I am being stupid and ignorant, i know. But i miss you~

That was just a sudden momento that i was having, sudden loneliness i guess. Anyhow, today was a total shit day can! Classes all got canceled except for one where i only sit there and see and listen to other's presentation. Not that i had a hard time doing that but it is because i went to my college which is damn farking far by the way and just sit there and listen to people's presentation? How "Awesome" is that?! I could never ever imagine that.

I am a lonely bitch? To come to the think of it, i guess the answer to the question is a big YES. I exercises alone and prefers no disturbances, i study at MacD alone with my Choco Sundae almost everyday now waiting for mum to go home, i love to go watch a movie all by myself, i love to go shopping alone cause that's when i can enjoy and see what i want to see, i love to appear "Busy" on MSN when to the actual fact that i am not busy at all, like now, etc. Bottom line is, i am quite a loner i must say what turf.

Someone nearly hit another someone on the bus today cause the second someone was trying to tackle a girl someone and the second someone got his legs sprawled across the bus walkway. So when the first someone had dond with his ciggies at the door, this someone wanted to walk inside to get a seat. Remember how the second someone's leg were sprawled over the floor? So the first someone did not notice the second someone's leg and the second someone too did not notice the first someone wanted to walk to the back. And the first someone tripped and nearly fell face flat to the ground. And first someone got massively angry and pulled out his hand choker and wanted to hit the second someone with it and i bet blood WILL denitely ooze out if the fight were to happen. Sadly but luckily, it din't happen. Sad cause it has been so long since i witness fightings. Luckily is because i was right in front of it and if it really happen, i might either get a great fear that the first someone might hit me too or the blood will get splashed on me, either one isn't beneficial to me. Then the first someone went to the back and sat down and started to cough like real damn loud and fake as if his lungs were to burst open and thus the wide spread of A (H1N1) what turf. Annoying la~ Crazy first someone.
*i noted alot of someone cause i don't want to be racist*

Then met up with mummy and we went for a little shopping. I die die also want to get something there so i resorted to new sneakers cause i see no platforms or stillettos that interest me. Mad happy? Hell yeah!
And i know my post ain't related at all but what the hell, and when i look back at my post a year later or so, i would be so glad what has happen to me as i grow older and hope some day i will be close and by your side.


fluotone said...

I know what it feels like..

yinkoon said...

it wasnt really that bad. compare to being with people who you dont like. funny doll doll corner. =)

Victoria said...


yinkoon::ure now with someone u don't like? hahaha~play the doll! cute huh?!

yinkoon said...

hi Victoria,

i wish i had a direct answer. i would put it that i learned more from the people i dont like because they always told the truth about me.

there is no point telling how i like people around me and when they made me sad, i say bad things about them.

both people who i like and dislikes means something to me.

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