Friday, July 31, 2009

Just When I Need One

While you all were on your way home by bus and probably Ying Zi is accompanying them, I shall share about friends that i don't really know but i already heart them to bits!

As i have posted for the past few days, been really tired and worked out with college and assignments and never had any thing that i feel is "entertaining" other than crap talks with the college mates.
But! A lot of people made me pull a big wide smile on my face at the same time nearly made me pee in my pants! Lol thanks you all.. really enjoy that session. YOU THINK LAO NIANG 3 YEARS OLD AR?! LOL xD

Since 9.56p.m, i received a msn message from "Ying Zi" asking me to webcam, like suddenly! Out of the blue. But heck, i was too busy to even not notice that that annoying "Ying Zi" is actually not her. Sorry babe! Saying that she is tired and wants to sleep early really triggered me to start noticing what the heck went wrong with "Ying Zi". Bla bla bla bla~ Much persuading later, around 10.50p.m, only i know that it is WEIJIE!! And i agreed to look at them through webcam! Lol~ I paiseh ler people!! sorry sia~

there! this bunch of good entertaining people!
click to enlarge.

I only know weijie and Ying Zi, well, Ying Zi personally. I see Meldric name in HP's blog before and the girl with spex too but i forgot her name. And the other pretty girl was asked by them to be the "ghost" and tried to pun me! Lol~

For awhile there i got freaked out(seriously)cause Ying Zi's face total messed up ler! Lol~ You got me there babe. Then when Weijie Kept giggling, i knew it was a prank! Lol~ Meldric too~ Grinned only! Lol~ Need to take up acting class from Ying Zi lur both of you! Lol~

Anyway. thanks you guys for the short but great time! To the two girls, add me on msn or anything ok~ sorry i don't know the names! Lol~
*hugs all*


Ying Zi said...

HAHAHA! I'm so honored to know that I managed to trick you! You know ah,when I look away from the camera,I was actually trying to suppress my laugh! Now I can laugh liao la. HAHAHAHA!

Victoria said...


Forest a.k.a Joyce said...

It was nice to 'meet' you~~
Joyce here~ the one with specs~~ XD

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