Thursday, July 30, 2009

A SASA Interview

Weeks ago, my college collected and compiled a lot of diffrent types of future jobs from different types of company and they set up booths to better let us know about it. Unfortunately, there are people like us who is a tiny bit interested to know more but are highly affected when it comes to the word "free gift" lol what turf. Not that we can't afford it whatsoever kthxbye, it is just human nature to go "ooh~ free gifts", right? Now now there, don't give me those kiam siap face! Lol

SASA came with a nice pink and attractive booth and now i know that pink not only attracts girls but boys too! cause i saw a few boy's name signed up for the job opportunity! Lol what turf, i know! BOYS!
Never did it came across to our mind that we will be one of the lucky ones among so many interview papers, we were hand selected for the interview. Happy? MAD HAPPY CAN! to the thought that i got the free gift(a mask)and a long lasting job opportunity. Most importantly, to let the "big peoples" of companies that i would look forward to get imployed, knows the existence of me! Lol~

So we went for the interview yesterday and we were mad nervous. Me, i am but i don't know the rest of my peeps cause i have never ever been to a REAL interview before where you're sitted in front of interviewers and you have to introduce yourself and you have to have a fast mind to think of answer of all the random questions that were thrown to you. I do have working experiences but those are different cause all i did was to walk in, fill up a form, got asked a few small questions and TRALLA~YOU GETS IT! Yes, my previous company is as easy as that!

Nevertheless, the interviewers are mad awesomely friendly can! especially the lady who has superb facial expression cause you can totally see whether she likes the way you talk or no. she would just srunch up her face when you go "-la" "-lo"...
And i realized that i had a super super duper big voicebox what turf. when it was my turn to answer, i had already did my very best to speak as soft as possible but my friend said that i seemed like i was shouting! T-T
cant say that i did bad as well. so we are very very looking forward for roadshows and all those jingamattashits!
Till then! Loves all!

upcoming post - An Outing with The CollegeMates = Camho-ing Day!


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