Monday, July 20, 2009

Things that I Missed

Being super busy for the past few weeks due to impending assignments and assignments that suddenly had a change of date, i missed out quite a lot of event and fun with peeps, be in from the blogging world or real life friends.

For say, i missed the Manchester United vs. Malaysia football match which was held a few days back. Though i missed it, nevertheless, i am still pretty contented with some incomplete fill up about the over all match, and grinned even more when I got to know that Manchester United triumphs, THEY ALWAYS DO!
But heck, never did it crossed my mind Manchester United vs. Malaysia (3 - 2)! Cause the last time Manchester United really Kick Bu out of Malaysia with a whooping 6 - 0. Rumors has it that Manchester United give face to Malaysia team and let two balls for them! Lol~ Aww~ Manchester United team are such wonder!

*glory glory Man United!*

And they are having a rematch so to say, today! Goodness! Yes, adding that to the ANOTHER thing that i am going to miss. Stupid fucktard assignments! I so can't wait to end college and to work and be out of Malaysia for awhile till i feel yonder for it.

Bon Odori. The ONE and ONLY event that i wanted to go so very very much! Hadn't been to Bon Odori for three years now...since my SPM days what turf. People say that BonOdori get better and better as year goes by, but looking at the pictures and a lil recap of what happen from friends, it doesn't sound as EXCITING as how they say it was. Trying way a bit too hard to make it sound excited and to make me jealous, i reckon, it did not work though.
Bygone are bygone~ Shall go next year. Cause no more exams but got work leh what turf!

Being all total bookworm and internetworm for the pass weeks, i missed hell loads of movie outings! MOVIE SIUT! Why must all those nice movies be out on periods where i have the most to work at?! I missed to be the early batch to watch "Transformers", "The Proposals", Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince", and there should be many many more movies that were out and i BET i did not even know about it! what turf~ I used to have quite and ecxiting life before college but now~ HELL.

I even missed a mountain climbing outing with bloggers! But~ I did not know whether they made it or canceled it? No updates?
Bottom line is, I MISSED OUT LOADS OF THINGS/EVENTS/you name it. I feel so small and stupid now. kthxbye, off to assignments AGAIN.


fluotone said...

talk about busy-ness... I missed bon odori too T__T

Will you please remind me next round next year if I'm still around? hehe :)

Victoria said...

sure floutone, we go together gehter?

fluotone said...

later all my gf's will get jealous but ok lets go! :D

Victoria said...

floutone::lolwtf all ur gf! hahahaha~ takan la u only go everywhere with gf?? swt swt~ and i am ur fwenx. LOL

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