Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twitter Effect

Due to the massive amounts of twitters that i twit daily which is no more than 140 words, the great impact it had on me is not being able to write as long as i can write last time. I find redundancy in writing my post and the words are just not pouring out as smoothly as i blog. Used to, the longer i write, the more i express here.. But now, it is all going to be just like this~

- woke up at 6 a.m today with a plan to exercise but failed cause it was too cold and i feel snuggly.
- got all prep up for church. So going to be sleepy.
- was in church and all the pastor ever talked about today is the ministry that we serve and those that aren't serving are unprofusely asked to pick one and serve.
- the new church is massively big can!
- had brunch cause the aunty was said to be hungry after a 2 hour sit in the air-con room.
- went to SS Mee House at Wangsa Maju. My all time favorite and they changed their menu! Awesome ok! Tax free too! So loving that area.
- reached home and got addicted to Facebook games and neglecting studies again. what turf.

I really have a tendency to blog in such way but it is kind of annoying i think, do you all think so?
I think i am weird too, do you all think so? Lol~ While on my way back, i love to just peep and look into the car next door whenever mum drives pass through one and will do a quick scan and then will wander where is this person going to and what is he going to do, with whom?? You know~ All those wanderings. I know i am kepoh but what turh..


Sleepy now and it is a good weather today so i shall go nua and snuggle on my bed and drift off to LaLaLand to meet up with my prince and probably date for 3 hours! Lol what turf~

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