Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Blues

I know i know that i am crazy for saying that and i will say something that will make you rise to your feet, grab a pillow(pls not something hard)and stuff it to my face to stop me from saying this but boo, i am saying that now, I LOVE MONDAY. Nah~ said it! Blek.

Not that i do not look forward to weekends where i can laze my lazy butt on this nice comfy chair of mine, going online playing Facebook games and chatting the whole day and obviously blogging whatever that comes into my mine like this post, but i still ask myself, and i found out that i actually enjoy my weekdays more than my weekends. Secretly, i am laughing evilly and thanking God that weekends are only two days and weekdays are 5 days. Blissful! LOL.

The reason that i say so is because my weekends are pretty tied down and predictable and there isn't any room for changes like a sudden yumcha session or something like that cause mum had all the activity tied down for me to go carry out. And by the means of activity, it doesn't mean fun things like shopping, visiting, going out or any of the sorts, it is more like run errands, accompany her to some smelly and wet wet market for grocery, drive brother to tuition to and fro and you got the drift. Things that i categorized as "Boring Chores". Yes, i do have an option to not do it and bare the consequences and so i rather do it cause the consequences are a cut in my allowance what turf! So evil and unfair.

I like weekdays cause most of the time i will be with friends and away from this confined house that makes me want to pull my hair and scream super muthafarking loud at times. This house is awfully too quiet at times and when it isn't it will be filled with my mum's scoldings and rants which is really the pain in the ass and i will just play dumb and ignoring what she said. She will just continue nagging and nagging till it satisfies her and she will just shut up. Like this morning, goodness! god knows how long she had nagged and now she is tired already i guess and damn blardy quiet now.
S.U.P.E.R Q.U.I.E.T.

Quietness makes me scare. Quietness makes me want to just sleep and die. Quietness makes me think a lot, of a lot of things. Quietness makes me reminisce of things that i know i should well forget. Quietness makes me feel alone which i like at times. Quietness is JUST SO NOT ME.

Luckily i still have friends that make me crack-er like a joker such as this...

"You're so random, nigel!! Love you! hahaha~"

I know my blog has a lot of words and less pictures and you all are bored of it but heck i am not changing the way i blog cause that's my niche and the way i love doing things around here. Neh neh boo boo~ You all have to cultivate the love of reading la..


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